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Charles Miller

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by Charles Miller

June 11th 2018

Please forgive my ignorance and blunt statements. I am a high school dropout, a convict with a PhD (Prison High-school Diploma) and even I can figure this out.

"The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is the servant of the lender. Proverbs 22:7."

Let’s see if I have the points below as a correct and true statement of facts and law:

  1. The People beginning in 1776 join together in a series of contracts known as the foundational documents between 'We the People' as individuals, ever mindful that the absolute right to contract, or not to contract, is a GOD given right to be subject, or not.
  2. The contracts, the Declaration of Independence, the original state constitutions, the Articles of Confederation, culminate in the Constitution for the United States of America controlled by the Bill of Rights amendments.

  3. Each of these documents were issued into the public forum worldwide and accepted around the world from the beginning.
  4. The states under Confederation recognize that the structure of the Confederated states while effective in certain aspects is deficient in others.
  5. The Free People in the free states recognize that a tripartite structure will best serve the American experiment in self government

NOTE: "All of the law, political, legal, and commercial structures from which American Independence came from were slave based."  The crowns of Europe, in particular King George, engaged their own subjects to write laws and create regulatory structures to manage their subjects. Subjects are chattel property of the King. Essentially the reference points for our American dream were management systems over the Kings properties both real and chattel. In short the subjects were managed human capital. Reference to the Kings statutes or other management structures coming from Europe prior to 1776 are antithetical to a free People. Why would a free People need to use slave based reference points in order to express their new found liberties?  "Hence the need to understand this one simple point as key to anyone's personal Liberty and Freedom to give or withhold CONSENT."

Our foundational documents identify each of  'We the People' as having access to being a founding member of our Republic due to two elements:

First, individual recognition that we in fact have a creator.

Second, we as individuals choose our own loyalties. This is the Sovereignty of the individual over themselves. This simple understanding is the intent of our American adventure in self government and is the tempered, titanium proof understanding -- a memorialized acceptance Before the World -- of our foundational process fully documented beginning in 1776.

NOTE: Those seeking and claiming to be beneficiaries as posterity of the Public Trust 'We the People', constructed to serve our needs and express liberty, fail to understand and accept the limits of their position as beneficiaries who must seek permission from 'the trustees', prelminary to the granting of benefits to said subjects; the process being that of a self executing nature. 

NOTE: Simple review of the foundational documents will expose that those 'We the People' creating our nation, NEVER gifted, granted, transferred, sold, bargained away individual Sovereignty, nor in any manner recognized their creations -- government operations under constitutions and confederation -- as having capacity to hold, have or act as a sovereign. What was done however, was the creation of an agent to exercise legalized force, the law of the Sovereign for the administration of powers to serve and protect the People. The agent of course being the governments that "real live people created", whose membered ranks comprised entirely of servants to the People by their own consent.

These so-called beneficiaries claiming they are the Posterity, fail to recognize they are operating under DEAD PEOPLES PLEDGES. All the contracts creating governments set a structure for their posterity. The posterity failed to make their own pledges, which relegates them to subject status seeking recognition from mere servants. Hello Slavery.

What portion of the foundational documents say that the documents are closed to any American simply making a personal pledge and becoming a founder, a Sovereign? NONE

Our Representatives as agents to our Public Trusts, the states, got together in secret and constructed a Constitution. The care taken in constructing the Preamble makes the Peoples superior position bullet proof from day one. Article 6 recognizes the Peoples prior superior position over governments by incorporating the Peoples Sovereignty as law of the land.

"1: All Debts contracted and Engagements entered into, before the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be as valid against the United States under this Constitution, as under the Confederation."

The federal Constitution preamble is THE CREDITOR STATEMENT, transferring value, political will of the People through the agents, the states, for constructing a limited power trust to do the business of the states in specific subject matters best handled by a single management structure.

Simply put, the federal United States is essentially a Limited Liability Company operating a national government for the Confederated States in exclusive service to the People who created all government in, on and for The United States Of America perpetuity 1777, ratified 1781.

If you don’t believe any of this is true read the documents as contracts, identifying the principal parties, their agreements, their authorities -- using the dictionaries for understanding the elements for the time they were written -- then answer the below questions.

  • If the People are not the initial, first in line creditor owed obligations inherent in all government structures created by the People or their government servants then WHO IS?
  • Under what set of circumstance could any government employee claim they are not servants to the People?
  • Would any government actor refusing to recognize the People as superior to his position be admitting they work for some one other than a legitimate government?
  • Under what circumstance is a debtor ever in a superior position to the creditor?
  • Did We the People loan our private chattel property, individual political will, to the governments We created?
  • Are all governments and their operations in America debtors to the People who placed their political will in care of the public trusts?
  • Now, ask yourself if you are a creditor to government or not?

Is it time to exercise the creditors only option to demand full payment in a specific time at specific place in a specific value?