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Bidenís White House Radicalized the Would-Be Kavanaugh Killer as Pelosi Held Up Supreme Court Security Funds.

Raheem Kassam's Substack.

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Joe Biden’s White House intentionally fanned the flames of the violent, irate political left after the recent Democrat leak of a Supreme Court opinion, as well as the latest Uvalde school shooting. The result has been an attempt on the life of a Supreme Court Justice.


In amongst the political fracas, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is said to be holding up a Senate bill which would grant more security for Supreme Court justices. The U.S. Senate fast tracked the new security plans after Democrat extremists leaked an expected Roe v. Wade opinion from the court in May, but Pelosi has thus far refused to bring the legislation up for a vote in the House, stalling more security for Supreme Court justices.

Would-be assassin Nicholas John Roske is believed to have been radicalized by far-left reactions to the abortion issue, as well as the shooting in Uvalde. The aspiring gunman is said to have had a Glock 17 handgun, a knife, pepper spray, zip ties, a nail punch, a crow bar and a hammer, and said he found Kavanaugh’s address on the internet.

And while President Biden himself has failed to condemn the attempted attack, a White House spokesman tepidly said that “any violence, threats of violence, or attempts to intimidate justices have no place in our society.”

But the left’s rhetoric on the run up to the latest incident is indicative of the political climate they seek to create around their “core” issues of abortion and gun control in the run up to the mid term elections.

GOP operatives point out a timeline of events that show no remorse or attempt to cool the heated rhetoric around the time Roske was being radicalized by their behavior:

  • May 5: Press Secretary Jen Psaki refused to condemn activists posting the justices’ home addresses online.
  • May 6: Psaki refused to say if Biden “has a view” on activists harassing justices at their homes.
  • May 6: Nancy Pelosi called on protesters to actively pressure justices to influence their decisions.
  • May 8: Pelosi said “the focus” is to influence and change the Supreme Court’s forthcoming decision on Roe v. Wade.

    May 9: Psaki refused to condemn protests at justices’ homes even though it is against the law.

  • Psaki also refused to condemn the doxing of justices’ personal information even as threats of violence grew.


  • May 10: Psaki downplayed the harassment, claiming protests “have been peaceful to date and we certainly continue to encourage that outside of judges’ homes.”
  • May 11: Chuck Schumer answered “yes” when asked if he was “comfortable with protests…outside the homes of Supreme Court justices.”


“It’s past time for Biden and Democrats to condemn this violence,” said a GOP spokesman in an e-mail Wednesday.

The incident follows a number of high-profile Democrat extremists attacking political figures, including the Washington, D.C. attack on reporter Jack Posobiec, as well as the Bernie Sanders-supporting gunman who attempted to assassinate Republican legislators en masse at a baseball practice in 2017