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Shock: Biden SCOTUS Pick Defends Black Supremacists

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President Joe Biden’s affirmative action Supreme Court pick Ketanji Brown Johnson once called a murderous black supremacy terrorist group “a cultural community” that is centered around “healthy living.”


Johnson made the remark about the Black Hebrew Israelites, an insane group of black racial supremacist who preach terror and have committed murderous acts targeting Jews and white people.

“This case involved a small community, a cultural community of people who believe in vegan lifestyles. They call themselves African Hebrew Israelites, but it’s not a religious community, it’s a cultural community around healthy living,” Johnson said while referencing a case involving the Black Hebrew Israelites during her confirmation hearings.

Big League Politics reported on a terror rampage conducted in 2019 by a Black Hebrew Israelite adherent at a kosher deli that resulted in six people dead, including one police officer… Read more…