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Stunning claim: 'Brutal sexual assault' by next pick for U.S. Supreme Court

Joe Kovacs

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'The perpetrator was whomever Biden nominates'

With Justice Stephen Breyer stepping down from the U.S. Supreme Court, there's suddenly plenty of speculation about what comes next, and the identity of his potential replacement.

Now, Roger Stone, a close associate of former President Donald Trump, has posted a stunning message on

"I have to tell you something that's difficult for me to talk about," Stone began.

Roger Stone (ABC News video screenshot)

Roger Stone (ABC News video screenshot)

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"I've never shared this with anyone before, but when I was young, I was violated in a brutal sexual assault that I never reported.

"The perpetrator was whomever Biden nominates to the Supreme Court."

His tongue-in-cheek remark is a poke at how the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh was handled, before he was confirmed to the high court.

Christine Blasey Ford came forward during Kavanaugh's confirmation hearings to accuse the judge of sexual assault years before, though she could not recall key details of the purported event.

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Christine Blasey Ford (Sports Illustrated video screenshot)

Christine Blasey Ford (Sports Illustrated video screenshot)

Stone's comment is getting plenty of laughs online, including:

  • "Me too, Roger! I can still vividly remember that face!"
  • "That nominee got me too!"
  • "Yes, I was at at a college party with whoever Brandon nominates and they put drugs in the punch bowl and gang raped everyone at the party and the neighbors' goat."
  • "I am so sorry, the nominee was also drinking, they held you down and caused permanent trauma. The body odor was almost as severe as the pain. If we all stick together, we will get through this and begin a new movement, 'Me Also.' Because 'Me Too' is a bunch of whores."
  • "He/she did it to me as well, it's indelible in my hippocampus as well as my [backside]."

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