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Charles Miller

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No Law= No Justice= No Liberty

by Charles Miller


July 8th 2019



Second National Security Issue

False Prosecution, Tort Responsibility.


Major Premise


When a judicial office or function fails or refuses, with or with out demand, to openly and specifically identify its authority to act upon any American, We have no law, are denied access to and protection of our laws, resulting in SLAVERY to mere men called federal judges.

Minor PremisesMany of us Americans, have been falsely, unlawfully and illegally criminally prosecuted, imprisoned in the name of UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.


Is this fact related to being misidentified as U.S. CITIZENS?


This entity of unknown construction relies on laws or purported laws of the United States, yet another legal entity, with no legal relationship between the two ever disclosed to those held captive.


Which is the real country and government, United States of America, or, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA?


Not only have we been misidentified, apparently intentionally, we have been denied access to and the protection of our law of Constitutions.


Both of these entities claim to have the same Constitution. Yet only one is identified by the original Constitution which has never been voided. The captured are simply denied access to law of either by the administrators of either or both. The judges operating these entities appear to move seamlessly between both, never exposing their true authorities to those held captive by the judges orders.


The below is a concise statement of these apparent dual entity operations as drawn from the only source available to the captured.


There is not one valid, lawful criminal prosecution against any defendant by UNITED STATES OF AMERICA or United States of America since 1948, particularly mine.


Every federal prisoner since 1948 has been held illegally in violation of law.

The proof of these two statements has been formally noticed to Mr. Trump and Mr. Barr in various writings with reference to Charles C. Millers open public records in the United States District Court in the District of Columbia from 2009. See 18 usc sec. 4001.


As noticed prior, the files of that case contain 114 pages of Archivist of the United States certified records proving conclusively Congress never passed Title 18 Criminal Code nor the Criminal Rules, nor the Judicial Code nor Civil Procedures found in the United States Statutes or Code. See United States District Court, District of Columbia, Seat of Government, cv-2009-00578, 00579, 00581.


Sometime after my release from prison the then director of the Bureau of Prisons, Harley Lapin, issued a memorandum to all wardens in the federal prison system. The memorandum admitted these facts. This admission binds every officer and the employee of the United States because Mr. Lapin as high official of executive branch officer supported the statement based on Archivist of The United States certified records and information.


The government cannot deny its own records.


Further, proving the above statements, there is no United States District Court, or Court of Appeals, operating in any of the venues of the Union States, foreign jurisdictions to the federal seat of government, that holds any judicial power whatsoever.


Simple review of the United States Code, Title 28, finding aid to the statutes, Judicial Procedures, will expose that none of the United States District Courts nor Courts of Appeals operating in the Union States venues were granted judicial power of the United States under Article III or I by Congress when they were created. This statement presented in context of there being no valid law as admitted by Mr. Lapin and the Archivist of the Congressional Records.


The code itself proves this incredible statement. Review the United States Court of Federal Claims, United States Court of International Trade for their Congressional assignments specifically to judicial power of the United States. Then review the the United States District Courts and Court of Appeals exposing Congress never saw fit to assign these Courts judicial powers or authorities under either Article I or III of the Constitution. The Code itself is the proof of fact.


Title 28 United States Code, chapter 5, sections 81 thru 144; chapter 3, sections 41 thru 49; do not identify nor assign judicial power granted to Congress by Constitution as delegated to either District nor Appeals Courts.


No judicial power assigned means all the other duties and powers identified by Congress as held in the District and Appeals Courts are void of judicial power of both the United States of America and the United States.


It matters not whether the operating entity is a District or DISTRICT, Appeals or APPEALS, Court Or COURT.


United States Court of Federal Claims is assigned judicial power found at Title 28 United States Code, sec 171: “ The court is declared to be a court established under article I of the Constitution of the United States.” .


United States Court of International Trade found by reference to Title 28 United States Code sec. 251 is assigned Article III authorities under Artile I sect. 8 clause 9, Inferior Tribunals: “ The court is a court established under article III of the Constitution of the United States.”


Again, the United States government cannot deny its own records.


The District Courts in the Union States are assigned no judicial power under either Article I or Article III authorities. Read the code from sections listed above.


Compare the assignment by Congress of both Article I and III powers to the Courts in the District of Columbia. More proof of the charges of illegal prosecution and false imprisonment acted out by operations claiming to be Courts holding powers of the United States Of America.


  • All these courts are statutory creations. No valid statute assigning judicial power = no judicial power = no valid jurisdiction= no valid venue= no valid lawful orders of imprisonment possible. It’s that simple.

The United States President and President of the United States of America is the office and the man Donald John Trump and Attorney General Barr the Attorney General are now the responsible parties for the settling the massive TORTS committed against us.


The good People never assigned to any government We created the power authority to any government actor anywhere, any time, to interpret our Constitutions. What this means is no government action has ever, nor could ever be, allowed to limit TORT damage caused by government action or failures to act in accord with duties corresponding to powers granted. The Constitution is clear simple English understandable by any one who can read and knows what a dictionary is and where to access one.


The Bill or Rights settles the limiting of TORT CHARGES completely when it is recognized that a TORT CHARGE against the government is a REDRESS OF GRIEVANCE.


The application of simple direct logic clears this conflict up conclusively. When the government actors fail or refuse to identify the authority granted by Constitution, to in any manner cause the context of the written words representing the principles, to be altered in effect on the People, the highest crime is admitted. When the servants grant themselves powers out side the enumerated authorities of the Constitution, such acts result in the People being subject to government rather than the intent of the Contract for the People to be the protected exclusive beneficiaries of all government acts.


At a bare minimum the conflict of interest of the public servant denying the source of the authority the redress of grievance against government is a premium Constitutional TORT.


The First Amendment settles all challenges to the statements above in very simple direct language, “ …Congress shall make no law respecting…”; “ …and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”.


A TORT Charge or claim against the government is a petition to redress grievance.


The United States has waived its alleged, never granted by the People’s Constitution, sovereign immunity. See Title 28 of the finding aid of the United States Code, sec. 2674: “ The United States shall be liable, respecting the provisions of this title relating to tort claims, in the same manner and to the same extent as a private individual under like circumstances, but shall not be liable for interest prior to judgment or for punitive damages.”


Thus, TORT charges stick. Further Congress under the First Amendment right to redress limitations, holds no authority to legislate over or control in any manner Laches nor place any other limitation on TORT charges for government negligence. This is particularly true in the context of Constitution TORTS.


Negligence as the legal concept with its attendant penalties is the perfect definition of the false, unlawful, illegal, sham, due process denying procedures we suffered under the governments force of a gun, coercion by the law or legal process. SEE: United States of America v KOZMINSKI, 487 US 931.


No valid law = no valid judgement = TORT = Damages = Settlement Due and Owed.


The Accounts are now Called Due!


The power of government to create courts, any court, any place, is not inherent power of government. The People granted our governments life by Constitution. Thus, it is the People’s authority and power to create courts to serve us. The power to create courts of judicial power is simply on loan to the government in an exchange for proper services by duly sworn officers pledging to serve the People via our Constitution. Of course this means properly identified and empowered courts not the current operations managing human capital styled USDC in the Union States. Style never supersedes nor ever controls substance, particularly in matters of the People’s law.


Above identified are number of issues that impeach all of the integrity of any government actor relying on any Federal courts opinions. These provided tools invite any American simply hue to the law and execute. Public officials or those claiming that position failure to show and prove their authorities says there is no Government here, that our government has been stolen and is now run by men, that is SLAVERY to men not the Rule of Law!


The above, TORT CHARGES, exposes a small portion of what we, some of us in particular, have paid for our liberty. We have never deviated from the principles. We are still suffering impairments, denied more than few of life’s major activities. These impairments are caused by TORTS certified in public records. When the records expose that not one of the protections required by the Bill of Rights is mentioned in the record, nor applied, even as a footnote, the TORT is perfected completely. No public officer or employee is paid to ignore nor circumvent the application of the Bill of Rights, nor is there a clause in the employment contract waiving duty to the People’s law.


What servant, employee or contractor is ever empowered to determine the meaning or application of the Masters, the good People, contracts agreed to be honored?






No public servant, honest or otherwise, has a defense when called to answer to the law. The systemites own CODE convicts its own agents. Both the People’s Law of Constitution and the servants CODE Settle the issue in the People’s favor.

Our system of government has been corrupted to this point of choice.


Do We the People act in our own best interest or do we continue our own destruction by allowing crooks to act in our name under the cover of false government and prosecutions?