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Charles Miller

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by Charles Miller

March 9th 2020

I hope this Monograph in response to request for comments will open some dialogues intended to create solutions now!

After email yesterday I recognized simple clarity was missing.

I was addressing result not cause.

Nothing is ever understood, no problem is ever resolved, when the cause is not identified.

When the cause is presented into an energy pattern in motion all results are subject to the cause.

The whole world of these natural law statements flies in the face of creation itself. It is one of the most disrespectful things I’ve ever heard.

Disrespect for the gift from Creation to every individual to make our own choices.

Essentially what  it comes down to is a trespass and theft, serving the perfection of slavery.

Me applying my natural law to you.

Under what set of circumstances is another capable of understanding my natural law?

Natural Law belongs to creation.

No man owns it.

Personal relationship only.

Not collective in any manner.

There are only two parties to natural law. YOU AND YOUR CREATOR.

The result of the claim of your natural law applying to me or any one else is trespass and results is slavery.

The result of any one claiming their natural law as jurisdiction for another sets up an immediate conflict.

The conflict is one set of personal relations to Creation and another.

Why would the BOSS, Creation it’s self, get involved in its creations arguments???

Please let some one try to enforce their natural law on me.

I can find no evidence anywhere in Creation that ever authorized trespass upon another.

The nature of man kind is to get along and live our own lives.

To get along we need a structure.

That structure is contract.

That’s what the law is at the most basic function, a contract.

All law is contract, all law is private between the parties, all law deals with property and property rights.

We as man kind, created law and applications of law called jurisdiction to settle our disputes.

No dispute can be settled or resolved when the intent to resolve is not present.

The procedures and structures we of man kind created as law, is intended to do just that and that alone, resolve conflict.

Man kinds law systems are intended from the beginning to resolve disputes.

The various jurisdictions deal with specific subject matters.

Because the current crop of law administrators have forgotten, or intentionally ignored the fundamentals, is not good cause to seek refuge in ones own personal natural law.

In fact and deed, the act of seeking to draw another into natural law is a breach of the private contract with Creation to operate among the Creators other creations.

Who is party to my relationship with Creation?

All the discussions and arguments about jurisdiction, who did what and when, dissolve when the basic facts are identified.

1. Are the parties competent to contract? If so why? The assumption of capacity to contract accepted or evidence required?

2. Did the parties have intent to contract?

3. Is there an agreement, a contract, to exchange value?

4. Are the values exchanged personal or real property of the parties? The assumption of ownership or evidence of title required?

5. Did the exchange take place?

6. Is there a protest lodged against the exchange?

  • Was any government created by We the People ever granted power to contract as a business with the People?
  • Was any government created by We The People ever authorized to change its form to that of a business for profit?
  • Were all  governments created by the People constructed for the single purpose to serve and protect the People in their individual personal lives, particularly the relations to Creation itself?

Is being forced into a contract, or denied the option of contract, denied the benefit of contracts; slavery by another name?

  • The discussions and arguments about jurisdiction and who did what and when, are all dealing with past events.
  • The discussions and arguments concerning past events are like standing in water and saying your feet are dry.
  • Nothing can take place in the past. The past is like a series of pictures or photographs fixed and solid.
  • Nothing can take place in the future. The future is like a cloud changing shape all the time as it moves.
  • The present is the only place that any individual can move energy of creation that makes up life.
  • From the present you can review and view the past. The past is fixed unchangeable.
  • The future does not exist yet. The best that can be done is to project the possible results of the cause in the present.

All life takes place in the present.

Clarity and precision in the present is based on the natural law of personal relation to Creation.

When the focus is on the past you are discounting the future which destroys the present. No energy to move.

Focusing energy on the past denies the energy in the present, the future is foreclosed.

Every day is a new day. When the focus is on the past and all of the BS of yesterday, constructed yesterday,  the energy in the present is is denied.

In other words, focus on past or future is stealing energy from the present.

No energy, the Creations gift, in the present, serves only those choosing to control others.

It takes energy to make choices. Choices driven by others is rarely for the benefit of anything other than those driving the discussions and confusions.

In other words the stealing of today’s energy to feed the past or future results in very little being done in the present.

For me, the only option is to have a fixed understood jurisdiction in order to deal with other men so that we can all be on the same page at the same time under the same understanding.

Charles Miller -