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Judicial Corruption in DC - (with Judicial attachment

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To Whom It May Concern:

Here is a tip about a federal judge doing a grievous, very calculated wrong to a man in federal court in Washington, D.C. in 2008 to 2010, & the effects of his actions still hold this man in a private, for-profit prison. Below are the statement of facts that can be verified with court transcripts and legal documents.

1.  The man stated, as soon as he was allowed to speak in the courtroom, that he was NOT a defendant in the case.

2. The two judges in the case, first judge H.H. Kennedy, Jr. and then Royce Lamberth, both refused to give the man a legally required Identity Hearing because they knew there was no evidence in the Court Record that proved the man was the defendant...but they also knew that this WAS the man the federal prosecutors wanted to put in prison.

3.  Judge Lamberth held a "mock" Trial and sentenced the man to 20 years in prison.

4.  The man appealed. Consequently, Lamberth sent a "Case Disposition" to the Appeals Court that was marked "Internal Use Only."  It stated, on ALL counts, including Counts 1 & 5 that the defendant was allegedly charged with, that Lamberth had declared a "Mistrial," making the Case null and void.  However, Lamberth put a DIFFERENT Case Disposition in the Public Record (PACER) that DID NOT say that.  That means one of them is fraudulent, right?

5. That was 2010.  The man did not find out about the OFFICIAL Case Disposition until 2015 when his wife asked the clerk to send another copy as all paper had been confiscated from his cell during a shakedown.

6. To make sure that there was no errors or misunderstandings on his part, he wrote Lamberth 3 Certified Mail letters over a 3 month period of time, asking him what DATE he declared the Mistrial and WHY he declared the Mistrial.  Lamberth, even though he had corresponded with this man before by letter, refused to answer those 2 questions and did not respond.

7. Lamberth knows he cannot admit that he declared a Mistrial without admitting that he had committed Fraud on the Court and Fraud on the man, which would make Lamberth civilly liable for his actions and possible removal from the bench. 

8.  The man's wife has tried to hire a number of D.C. attorneys to just go and speak to Lamberth informally and ask him those 2 questions.  None of them have been willing to do it despite the offer to pay them their going rate.

9.  A friend, Pat Shannon, who is an investigative reporter, has also attempted to contact Lamberth and ask him those 2 questions.  He, too, has been unable to get a response.

10.  Lamberth knows, as long as he doesn't have to answer those 2 questions, this man will stay in prison until 2026 and Lamberth's fraud will stay covered up.

11. THIS MAN NEEDS YOUR HELP. "When the light is turned on, the cockroaches will scatter," right?

12. This man is 76 years old. He has 7 grandchildren he's not yet met. His mother who is 92 is failing. His only son is getting married on Oct 12th and he will not be able to attend the wedding. He has been given extra punishment by the government by keeping him in a prison that is 1, 800 miles away from his wife and son even though the law states that he is supposed to be housed within 500 miles of his family.  (There is a low-security federal prison that is 60 miles from where his family lives and the judge at sentencing actually recommended that he be sent there.) Since the lawyers don't want to expose the judge's illegal actions, the man believes that the Court of Public Opinion is the only option left open to him.

What this man would like for you to do:  Look at the documents that are attached to this email as they verify the fraud.  Then try to contact judge Lamberth and ask him those 2 questions.  We have no doubt that you will get no response.  Then reply to this email or call Eddie's wife Kathleen (number below) to be put in touch with this man so you can discuss this issue.  The man has MANY more documents that prove both the prosecutors and the judge's criminal behavior in putting someone in prison that they KNEW was not the defendant, just the man they wanted to be in prison. 

Final Thought:  For the sake of our freedom, both individually and for our country, we are hoping that you will help stand up for those who are being falsely prosecuted. When people see the truth and are falsely prosecuted we all lose. I hope you have the courage to ask those 2 questions.


1.  The OFFICIAL Case Disposition that was sent to the Appeals Court by the District Court.

2.  The FAKE Case Disposition that was put on PACER for the Public (and case participants) to see.  As you can see, it is NOT a part of the Court Record and it is NOT file and date stamped at the top of the page and has not document number.  The official Case Disposition has all the above.

3.  The 3rd Certified Mail letter that was sent from the man to judge Lamberth asking what DATE he declared the Mistrial and WHY he declared the Mistrial.

We thank you for taking the time to read this letter.  We hope and pray that your heart will be touched by this man's plight and will offer to at least investigate this man's claim of false imprisonment.

Kathleen Kahn, wife of Eddie Kahn