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See How This GOP Rep Called Attention to the Border Crisis During Biden’s Speech While He Ignored It

Sally Kent

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President Biden never mentioned the current border crisis while addressing a Joint Session of Congress Wednesday night so Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert took the meter into her own hands. While President Biden delivered his speech promising radical change to the country Rep. Boebert unfolded a Mylar blanket, much like the ones given to immigrants once they enter the often overcrowded migrant facilities at the border.

Rep. Boebert tweeted in reference to the blanket, “Biden refused to bring attention to the crisis he created at the southern border. So I did.”

For those who complained about the sound of my Mylar blanket, imagine what this room sounds like. Fix it, Joe!
Biden refused to bring attention to the crisis

According to Fox News:


Later, a Boebert spokesperson confirmed the use of the blanket was intentional.

“President Biden did not address or bring attention to the crisis at our southern border. So Rep. Boebert did,” the spokesperson told The Hill.

The Colorado Republican fired off multiple tweets throughout the night criticizing Biden’s speech that many say missed the mark.