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Government Fraud State

Gov. DeSantis Eliminates Standardized Testing

See shocking decline of 'queen city of the Northwest'

States Move Closer to Bypassing Congress to Amend Constitution and Limit Federal Overreach

Washington State considers forceful (gunpoint) COVID quarantines that would force citizens into internment camps

Power Outage? Too Bad. California Just Banned the Sale of Gas-Powered Generators, Lawnmowers, & Leaf Blowers

BUSTED: NJ Gov. Phil Murphy planning to impose statewide covid vaccine mandate AFTER reelection because he knows doing it now would ensure a loss

Biden Attacks ‘Trump Clone’ GOP Candidate Larry Elder at CA Rally

Think of the Children: Recall Gavin Newsom!

Angry and Organized Voters Set to Recall California Governor Gavin Newsom

Newsom Announces Nation's First Vax-Or-Test Rule For All Teachers And Staff

Arrest Warrants Issued For 52 'Fugitive' Democrats After Texas Supreme Court Slaps Down Democrat Judge

New York AG Says Cuomo Guilty of Sexually Harassing Multiple Women

Michigan Officials Paid Themselves Bonuses With Pandemic Relief Funds

Michigan Senate approves petition to revoke Whitmer's pandemic powers

Newsom Can’t Identify as a Democrat on Recall Election Ballot

SOTN: See how California governments are allowing the state to be overrun by criminal bolsheviks!

Wisconsin Dem’s Property Used for ‘Massage Parlor” Advertised on Illicit Sites

BREAKING: Andrew Cuomo Gets Earth-Shattering News – It’s Finally Happened

IT’S A CULT: New Yorkers that want coronavirus injections asked to verbalize support for Cuomo

BREAKING: Gavin Newsom Gets Bad News – Democrats In Shock(VIDEO)

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