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ITíS A CULT: New Yorkers that want coronavirus injections asked to verbalize support for Cuomo

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Larry Schwartz, New York’s “vaccine czar,” was caught calling county officials to gauge their support for Gov. Andrew Cuomo as a condition for receiving access to COVID-19 injections.

As he faces mounting accusations of sexual assault, Cuomo is desperately trying to maintain power by using Chinese virus needles as a bargaining chip.

According to reports, Schwartz has been threatening the state’s county heads with limited access to Wuhan flu shots if they fail to positively answer his questions about their support for Cuomo.

Counties that verbalize support for Cuomo are apparently getting more COVID-19 vaccines, while those that indicate anything other than full allegiance are being put on some kind of do-not-send list.

At least one executive told the media that a notice of an impending ethics complaint has been filed with the public integrity unit of the state attorney general’s office.

“I did nothing wrong,” insists Schwarz, who says all of the calls were “cordial, respectful, and friendly. I have always conducted myself in a manner commensurate to a high ethical standard.”

The executive, who identifies as a Democrat, disagrees. This person stated that, “at best, it was inappropriate” for Schwartz to call and ask such questions. “At worst, it was clearly over the ethical line.”

Schwartz says counties don’t have to support Cuomo to get vaccines

Schwartz, a close personal friend of Cuomo and one of his most influential advisers, is widely known as “Cuomo’s enforcer.” Schwartz has advised Cuomo on and off since 2015, and most recently returned to the administration last spring to help with the COVID-19 plandemic.

With Schwartz’s help, Cuomo received an Emmy for best performance in the Chinese virus drama. It is unclear if Schwartz played any role in helping Cuomo cover up all the nursing home deaths he caused.

Schwartz says he made the calls to the different counties of his own volition, and was not prompted to do so by Cuomo. Because of his 30-plus years of experience working in New York politics, Schwartz felt it appropriate to reach out and give the ultimatum.

“Everyone took my call or called me back,” Schwartz wrote in an email. “NOBODY indicated they were uncomfortable discussing with me or thought it was inappropriate.”

Schwartz also insists that vaccine distribution throughout the state has nothing to do with whether or not a county leans in favor of supporting Cuomo versus leaning against him.

“There was no pressure and I never asked anyone to support the governor,” Schwartz added.

“All I asked them was if their public position of calling for an independent investigation by the attorney general and waiting for the outcome of her report had changed.”

Cuomo’s office also swept in like a knight in shining armor to help Schwartz try to get out of this predicament. It issued a statement claiming that Schwartz did nothing wrong and that his contributions to the plandemic response have done nothing but help save lives.

“Larry answered our call to volunteer in March and has since then worked night and day to help New York through this pandemic, first managing surge capacity, and procuring necessary supplies for the state, setting up the contact tracing efforts, and now assisting with vaccine distribution,” says Beth Garvey, acting counsel to the governor.

“Any suggestion that he acted in any way unethically or in any way other than in the best interest of the New Yorkers that he selflessly served is patently false.”

As all of this is happening, Cuomo faces possible removal from his position through impeachment. At least seven women have come forward to claim that Cuomo sexually harassed them – and we must automatically believe them because they are women, according to leftist logic.

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