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Biden Attacks ‘Trump Clone’ GOP Candidate Larry Elder at CA Rally

Sally Kent

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September 14, 2021|

President Biden and the Democrat Party are nervous about the impending outcome of the California recall election. The Sep. 14th election will ask California voters of Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom should be recalled and Democrats are in a panic as Biden dubbed GOP frontrunner Larry Elder a “Trump clone” insisting that if he were to become governor it would surely destroy the Golden State.

During a rally in Long Beach, California the President attacked Elder while attempting to praise one of the “best governors in the country.”

The Daily Wire reports:


Then he turned to attacking Elder: “And here’s why: all of you know, the last year I got to run against the real Donald Trump. Well, this year the leading Republican running for governor is the closest thing to a Trump clone that I’ve ever seen in this state.  No, I really mean it. And he’s leading the other team. He’s the clone of Donald Trump.  Can you imagine him being the governor of this state?  You can’t let that happen.  There’s too much at stake.”

“And here’s why it’s so important for you all to vote no on the recall,” he lectured. “First, voting no will be protecting California from Trump Republicans trying to block us from beating this pandemic. Covid 19: Gavin Newsom has had the courage to lead, stand up for science, for the very thing he’s been one of the leading governors in the nation protecting people and vaccinating his state.”

Biden then attacked Republican governors, barking that they weren’t focused on public health, but politics instead: “Meanwhile, we see something else in parts of America. Right now, there are certain Republican governors like the governor of Mississippi who are talking to me about being dictatorial about demanding that people get vaccinated or tested. People are doing everything they can to block or undermine the lifesaving mandates that we’ve proposed. Putting their people at risk, putting their children at risk, putting their states at risk. And here’s the worst thing: for these Republican governors, it isn’t about public health, about telling it to the people. It’s about politics. “

“Look folks, just look at the hypocrisy,” he continued. ‘The same governors who are attacking me and your governor for Covid S-9 mandates are in the states with some of the strictest vaccine mandates for children attending school in the whole country.”

President Biden snapped that he was frustrated that while Mississippi children are required to be vaccinated against diseases like Measles and Polio the governor is not forcing parents to vaccinate for Covid-19 which hardly affacts children.