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Beijing In The Highest State Of Alert

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Sept. 30, 2012

Bo Xilai was expelled from Chinese Communist Party (CCP)

and kept away from the public eye.

The CCP plans to host its 18th congress on November 8,

and Beijing is in the highest state of alert now.

According to Beijing residents, riots police are everywhere,

especially at some important crossroads.

The atmosphere in the Chinese capital

is very tense right now.

According to overseas media reports, three meetings,

related to the 18th congress' security were held this month.

Beijing has about 20,000 riot police in readiness level two,

which is the highest state of alert in peacetime in Beijing.

All officers and soldiers can't have vacations now. Weapons

and ammunition are out of the depot, in order to cope with unexpected situations.

Epoch Times wrote that China's State Council and Central

Military Commission continually sent out two commands, to dispatch 120,000 soldiers to protect Beijing.

On September 22, Beijing turned to alert level one,

from level two that was previously.

Daily Telegraph said, when Beijing went to alert level one,

Tibet and Xinjiang' alert was raised to level two.

Plus, 28 other municipalities, provincial cities, the SAR,

the important ports, airports, industrial research bases etc., went to alert level three.

High Official Shocked By Organ Harvesting News

CCP's organ harvesting crime from Falun Gong practitioners

has been revealed by overseas media on a large scale.

It has been spreading to China via weibos, phone calls etc.,

and is shocking many people who didn't know the truth.

An Epoch Times' report says, Quit CCP Center' volunteer

got a phone call from a secretary of a provincial propaganda department in mainland China, who quit CCP through her.

The secretary told her he was shocked to hear all the news

from overseas media about the organ harvesting.

He said, overseas media must keep reporting on this, reveal

all the information to let more Chinese people hear about it.

Netizens: We, the masses, don't want this scum!'

On September 28, China publicly announced that Bo Xilai

is expelled from the Communist Party and the society.

Netizens wrote, "We strongly oppose this! We, the masses,

don't want this scum!! We demand he keeps his party membership!"

Netizen "Eaves Campanula" wrote, "I strongly oppose

the expelling of criminal offenders from the CCP, and letting them into the masses to pollute them."

Netizen "@Lianxiang" said:,"Don't pollute the great,

honorable, and pure masses' team! People don't accept this kind of scum!! Send him back to the CCP!!!"