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Russia is dying, confirm parliament experts

Department of Monitoring Kavkaz Center

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ent "federation", hated by everybody:


"First, the quality of life is deteriorating in the Moscow metropolitan agglomeration due to growing infrastructure and environmental problems, while the population increases.


Second, economic development of large cities which are regional centers is sharply slowing because of lack of investments and deterioration of the institutional environment, which also leads to an even greater concentration of manpower in the federal city. 

Third, marginalization of vast peripheral areas is increasing, and a depopulation takes place. 


Unemployment, social benefits, etc. And there is less and less money in the budget.


Fourth, growing of tensions, ethnic conflicts and cronyism in the North Caucasus republics stimulate migration outflow of educated and more "modernized" urban residents of the republics to other regions", complained Natalya Zubarevich.

Jan. 30, 2011