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Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

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Sept. 6, 2016

The Hillary Files: How special interests that violate health, human rights and the environment have pre-purchased the Clinton presidency

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor


(NaturalNews) has just launched a high-impact new White Paper called The Hillary Files.


You can download it instantly and read the full paper yourself (or cite it in your blog posts, articles, or films).


The paper details how a Hillary Clinton presidency has already been pre-purchased by powerful globalist corporations and political class "corporatists" who promote clear cutting forests, Big Oil interests, GMOs, pesticides, fracking, Big Pharma, widespread environmental pollution with biosludge and much more.


Click here to download the Hillary Files now from (our sister site that covers politics and tech).


The paper contains 312 cited references and provides an overwhelming mountain of evidence that Hillary Clinton is not just dangerous to America's liberties and economy, but also dangerous to America's environment, health freedoms and organic industry.


This paper is a call for both conservatives and progressives to reject Hillary Clinton on election day.



Here's the executive summary of the white paper:




EXECUTIVE SUMMARY of The Hillary Files

• From early in Clinton’s career to the present day, she has been viewed as dishonest, self-serving, secretive, mired in scandal and beholden to special interests, and that pattern of behavior is well-documented in this paper.


• Her attempt as first lady to reform American healthcare failed, but she has embraced Obamacare’s more socialistic trappings, such as broad government control over the healthcare market and a top-down, heavily regulated industry which has become more expensive and less serving to the American public.


• Clinton has shifted her positions on major regulatory and policy issues throughout her careers as a U.S. senator and two-time candidate for president, being heavily influenced by campaign contributions and foreign government access.


• Though she now claims to be an opponent of the oil and gas extraction technique known as hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” as secretary of state she worked to expand the practice throughout the world.


• Clinton, her husband and the Clinton Family Foundation have been greatly enriched by domestic and foreign benefactors to whom she has granted special treatment and access while serving in an official capacity, rather than looking out for constituents and taxpayers.


• One of Clinton’s most frequent benefactors is also one of the world’s worst environmental offenders – Monsanto – whom she has consistently supported in practice, leading many to believe that, if she is elected president, the agri-business giant will control farming and environmental policy.


• Clinton backs an Environmental Protection Agency rule that allows for hazardous biosludge to be used as a fertilizer that poisons family gardens and other small agriculture endeavors.


• Clinton believes in, and touts, the phony global warming/climate change agenda, which will mean more regulations aimed at “curbing” its effects that will cost jobs, stunt the economy and result in heavy-handed governmental interference in daily lives.


• While claiming to be an opponent of Big Pharma, Clinton has taken millions in donations from the pharmaceutical industry and therefore is beholden to it, not to the American health consumer.


• A long-time advocate for vaccines, Clinton has been pushing for mandatory vaccination since her time as first lady with a program begun in 1993.


• As a Monsanto backer, Clinton also supports genetically modified crops and foods and will use her influence with other world leaders to expand damaging GMOs all over the world, while opposing mandatory GMO food labeling laws being pushed or passed by several states.


• She supports Obama’s virtual “open-door” immigration policies that defy her position as champion of women’s health and rights, since many women are victimized by illegal immigrants every day.


• Clinton voted in favor of the Iraq War and has a poor record of foreign policy management, as evidenced by that vote and the unrest she helped foment all across the Middle East.


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Click here to download the Hillary Files now from (our sister site that covers politics and tech).