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LIVE 10:30 AM ET: Soros-backed Prosecutor Suspended for Selectively Enforcing the Law; AZ Election Shows 2020 Repeat?

Crossroads--Joshua Philipp

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A Florida prosecutor backed by billionaire financier George Soros has been suspended by Gov. Ron DeSantis because he “refused to enforce Florida law,” according to the governor. The move is spotlighting district attorneys, particularly those whose campaigns are backed by the leftist billionaire, who have faced similar accusations of selectively enforcing laws based on race and politics.

Meanwhile, the recent GOP primary election for governor in Arizona saw similar scenes to 2020 during which individuals were erecting barricades that obstructed the view of polling sites, although with some key differences. The outcome of that election could be telling for the midterms and 2024.

We also speak with constitutional attorney Michael A. Yoder about the possible violations of the law with vaccine mandates and lockdowns.