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True the Vote founder: Public will see evidence of plot to steal 2020 election 'The facts are the facts, and you cannot look away'

Art lMoore

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The conventional establishment narrative is that while there were instances of vote fraud in the 2020 presidential election, there's no evidence that there was enough to affect the outcome.

And if there were enough fraud to make a difference, how could that be proved?

In a video interview Thursday with WND, True the Vote founder Catherine Engelbrecht says that after more than 15 months of tedious investigation, she and her colleagues have a massive volume of hard data they will release to the public after their probe is featured in the upcoming film "2000 Mules."

"The facts are the facts, and you cannot look away," she said.

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The evidence – including cell phone location data, surveillance video and whistleblower testimony – supports the hypothesis, she said, that amid the many "dirty," out-of-date voter rolls and the unprecedented distribution of mail-in ballots, a highly coordinated operation in the key battleground states collected ballots and paid "mules" to literally stuff them in the unattended drop boxes that became a center of controversy.

Engelbrecht told WND the investigation identified non-profit groups at the nexus of the operation, which she described as a collection of "micro-insurgencies" involving thousands of "ballot traffickers" who engaged in patterns and modes of operation that "point to organization."

The left, she said, will "stop at nothing, and if you let them get away with it, it's going to continue."

"Look, we're fighting for control of the free world. This is not a game. This is not for the faint of heart," Engelbrecht said.

Government will not correct itself, she emphasized, and nothing will happen if people think somebody else will take care of it.

"But the one thing they can't stop, and they never count on," she said, "is the rise of the American people to say no more."

See the interview:

See a trailer for the film "2000 Mules":


Meanwhile, in response to a complaint by True the Vote, subpoenas issued by Georgia state investigators are signaling they are engaged in a wide-ranging investigation into the alleged ballot trafficking, Just the News reported this week.

The subpoenas by State Elections Board and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger target the possible source of funding for the operation and any eyewitness participants. The True the Vote complaint last November alleged that as many as 242 people illegally gathered third-party ballots during Georgia November 2020 election and subsequent U.S. Senate races.

The subpoenas seek the identities of the "network of non-governmental organizations that worked together to facilitate a ballot trafficking scheme in Georgia" as well as any information about 10 "hubs" the group alleged coordinated the ballot trafficking.

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