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Mat Staver

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This week, congressional Democrats are pushing their twisted “election fraud” bills. Democrats had already invoked Rule 14, which allows the Senate to vote on their so-called election fraud bills at any point the Senate floor is open. We have a narrow window to stop them!

These fake election fraud bills have many numbers (S 2747, HR 1, HR 4 and more). And Democrats are desperate to pass any of them NOW. Members of the Senate need to hear from you TODAY! Send your critical faxes to the Senate to stop passage of any of these dangerous bills now! — Mat

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has again threatened to destroy the Senate’s filibuster rule by January 17 if one of their election-fixing bills hasn’t passed by then. This would destroy the Senate cloture rule that requires 60 votes to end debate and move a bill forward to a vote.

If Schumer is successful, it would open a floodgate to pass Democrat bills like the BBB, the “Equality Act” and many other disastrous bills.

Election-fixing bills are the linchpin for the Democrats’ dream of controlling our election outcomes and the nation’s future—in perpetuity! The Democrats are pushing for all the following:

  • Mandate photo ID requirements be replaced by “sworn statements.”

  • Prohibit photo ID requirements for vote by mail.

  • Include speech-chilling measures such as forcing nonprofit groups to disclose the identities of all their donors.

  • Require same-day registration at all polling locations.

  • Force 15 days of early voting options for all voters.

  • Mandate “drop boxes” for ballots.

  • Demand absentee ballots for all citizens without requiring a reason.

  • Register all people automatically to vote at the DMV. If people falsely register while an illegal immigrant or provide a wrong address, perpetrators cannot be prosecuted.

  • Require states to allow felons to vote while still on probation and with outstanding fines and fees to the government.

  • Match government funds up to 1.8 billion dollars going to candidates.

  • Coordinate with legislation to push “preclearance” control over what is voted on, define every precinct boundary, establish how ballots are “cured” or fixed and determine the number of drop boxes to be located in “red” vs. “blue” locations.

  • Reduce the Federal Election Commission (FEC) to being a partisan body with control of punishments resting in a single person, the board’s general counsel.

  • And much more!

We must counter the massive pressure from Democrats to pass such bills! Leftist corporations are also aggressively pushing so-called “election reform.” Our senators need to hear directly from you! Send your urgent faxes to the Senate to demand they oppose the Democrats’ so-called “election fraud” bills right away.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) stated that these provisions are “the most radical legislation the Senate has considered in the nine years I have been here, and it is the most dangerous legislation pending before the United States Congress!

Democrats are pushing for a 6-to-1 government match of donations up to 200 dollars. If someone gives 200 dollars, then the government will give that same politician 1,200 dollars!

Sen. Cruz labeled these provisions “Welfare for Politicians”—but this is not like any welfare we’ve ever seen. The chair of the Rules Committee, Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN), would have been eligible for 6.9 million dollars in federal funds in one quarter alone!

Senators Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Chris Murphy (D-CT) would have received over a million dollars each. Sen. Jon Ossoff (D-GA) would have raked in 11.4 million during his special election. And all this money would come from the pockets of Americans through forced tax payments to the federal government.

Sen. Cruz also said this bill would have given his own campaign a 24 million-dollar check from the federal government. “I ask my Democrat colleague: Why on earth do you want to give my campaign 24 million dollars? I don’t want 24 million of federal funds to fund my campaign.” And we know we don’t need more campaign season ads, which is where much of this proposed cash bonanza for politicians would go!

But it gets worse. Over a senator’s six-year term, each one would be allowed to collect a whopping total of 1.8 billion dollars!

Such bills are designed to throw our nation into chaos, permanently destroy election integrity and grossly enrich politicians. We need to keep every Republican senator opposed to such bills in order to stop this travesty! Send your urgent fax to the Senate and demand that S 2747 or any other bill like it be stopped before incalculable damage to our nation takes place!

Fake Democrat “election fraud” or “election reform” bills in the Senate will have an immediate and devastating impact on our nation!

They include provisions that will prevent concerned Americans from finding many types of election fraud!

S 2747 and bills like it actually enable massive fraud! If Democrats succeed, we will never have a fair election again.

For instance, it will be impossible to catch a person who votes multiple times in different precincts (and even different states) before their ballot is mingled with the ballots of legal voters.

Further, many of the current ways to uncover illegal votes will themselves become illegal. Voters could use the same name, or different names, in different precincts or register minutes before the polls close, and no one would be able to challenge them.

But it gets even worse when one considers that everything can be done online. One person could register thousands of fraudulent voters (like the 8,000 fake voter registrations in 2020 from just two people in California). Each ballot could be sent via email, and there would be no physical address or ID to investigate!

Such bills would mean your vote would never count! Send your urgent faxes to the U.S. Senate right now to stop this devastating plot!

Our staff is also aggressively working to fight mandatory COVID shots. The task at times can seem overwhelming. We can only do this vital work with your faithful support. With our renewed 2022 Challenge Grant, the impact of your gift today will be DOUBLED. Support Liberty Counsel Action by selecting here or the button below.

This is a battle we can—and must—win! With our team’s opposition, we have stopped such Democrat initiatives for months. If we continue to fight—we can continue to win!


Mat Staver, Chairman

Liberty Counsel Action



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