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N.Y. Times columnist urges Biden to announce he won't run in 2024

Bob Unruh

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'The man who once gave his party hope now weighs on his party's fortunes like a pair of cement shoes'

Republicans by massive numbers, a growing number of independents and even some Democrats by now are actively suggesting that Joe Biden not seek reelection in 2024, in large part based on his frequent verbal stumbles and fumbles and the strong suspicion they are the product of mental failings.

Now a column in the New York Times, which unabashedly opposed President Trump in almost every respect, is encouraging Biden to announce he's calling it quits.

Fox News commented on the idea from Times columnist Bret Stephens, a longtime critic of Trump, that Biden should decide not to run, and announce that, "as soon as possible so potential Democratic contenders could begin making preparations to replace him."

Stephens wrote, under "Biden Should Not Run Again – and He Should Say He Won't," that Biden's "uneven" mental condition needs to be discussed.

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Biden has been known for his verbal failures for years, but in the last 24 months or so they appear to have gotten significantly more embarrassing.

He's forgotten people's names, the offices they hold, and what city he's in.

Multiple times he's delivered a word salad, where he keeps trying to express an idea that doesn't come out amid the "uhms" and "aahs" he uses. One time he apparently got lost on the grounds of the White House, wandering off the sidewalks while on video, and forcing Secret Service officers to scramble to keep their distance.

Joe Biden appears to be lost on the White House lawn on Aug. 10, 2021. (Video screenshot)

Joe Biden appears to be lost on the White House lawn on Aug. 10, 2021. (Video screenshot)

Polls show huge numbers of Americans, including many Democrats, believe he's no longer competent to be president.

Fox reported Stephens cited Biden's age as well as his cognitive state.

"Is it a good idea for Joe Biden to run for re-election in 2024? And, if he runs again and wins, would it be good for the United States to have a president who is 86 — the age Biden would be at the end of a second term?" the columnist wrote in the Times. "I put these questions bluntly because they need to be discussed candidly, not just whispered constantly."

The report cited questions about President Ronald Reagan's age in the 1980s, when he took office at 69, as "fair game," but added, "It had somehow become 'horrible manners' to raise similar concerns about Biden, who turned 79 last month."

"It won’t do. From some of his public appearances, Biden seems … uneven. Often cogent, but sometimes alarmingly incoherent," the column warned. "What’s the reason? I have no idea. Do his appearances (including the good ones) inspire strong confidence that the president can go the distance in his current term, to say nothing of the next? No."

Further, he said if Biden would confirm his non-candidacy for 2024, it would free up his administration to work on what it wants now, without worry over a future vote.

He explained, "The man who once gave his party hope now weighs on his party’s fortunes like a pair of cement shoes."

Biden, in fact, has been burdened with horrible poll numbers recently, probably based on the nation's surging crime and inflation, his failure to gain an advantage over COVID-19, the southern border crisis, the Afghanistan-pullout disaster and more.

One Democratic Party leader with worse ratings, however, is Vice President Kamala Harris.

"So what’s the president to do? He should announce, much sooner than later, that he will not run for a second term," Stephens wrote. "Right now he’s worse than a lame duck, because potential Democratic successors are prevented from making calls, finding their lanes and appealing for attention."

WND reported only a day ago that several commentators are seeing that twice-failed Democrat presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton could be positioning herself to be the Democrats' 2024 candidate.

She was on television just days ago to explain she thinks President Donald Trump will run for the White House again in 2024.

And, she threatened, if voters put him in the Oval Office again, it "could be the end" of American democracy.

Her sudden interest in the 2024 race came just days after she appeared on video reading a portion of the "victory" speech that she never delivered when she lost the 2016 race. (She years ago lost a Democrat primary to Barack Obama.)

At National File, a report explained Clinton "fought back tears as she read the five-year-old victory speech she had planned to deliver before being soundly defeated by 45th President Donald Trump in the 2016 election."