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Poll: Only 22% of Voters Want Biden on the Ticket, Itís Even Worse for Kamala

Sally Kent

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Will Joe Biden be a one-term president? It’s starting to look that way.

A new poll delivered more dismal news to Joe Biden and his second in command, only 22% of voters want to see his name on the ballot in 2024.

According to The Daily Wire:


The new poll, from I&I/TIPP, asked respondents who they wanted to run in 2024, and just 22% said they wanted Biden, while 12% said they wanted Harris. But, the Boston Herald pointed out, there is some good news for the administration, since “no favorite has emerged among the large field of potential challengers to run against Biden in the 2024 primaries.”

The latest poll comes on the heels of one from The Wall Street Journal earlier this week that placed Biden’s approval rating at 41%.

“It’s undeniable. Joe Biden is hurting in the polls right now and it’s due to a number of factors,” Erin O’Brien, associate professor of political science at UMass Boston, told the Herald.

O’Brien noted that the factors leading to Biden’s bad poll numbers include the ongoing pandemic, inflation, and his terrible foreign policy.

President Biden has resorted to reaching out to member of the media to help reshape the negative new coverage surround inflation.