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The real objective of the film ‘Francesco’ is to bring down Trump and elect Biden

Antonio Socci

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October 27, 2020 (Antonio Socci) – Just this weekend, Pope Francis announced the creation of 13 new cardinals (of whom 9 are electors). They are all ultra-Bergoglians. The hasty announcement at this moment, right on the eve of the US election, is significant: Trump has strong momentum and now the Bergoglian Vatican is very afraid that he may be re-elected. Bergoglio, along with the entire globalist establishment, has declared war on Trump. If Trump really wins, then this pontificate, which is already in sharp decline, would be finished indeed, since it has crushed itself on China and been totally discredited. In the pro-Biden propaganda film that I talk about in this article, right at the end Cardinal Tagle is blatantly promoted as the one Bergoglio wants as his successor. Everything is explicit. By naming the nine new cardinal-electors today, Bergoglio wants to ensure the result of the next conclave.

The documentary film Francesco has caused an enormous outcry because of the papal “yes” to civil unions for gay couples. But is this the film’s primary purpose?

Not exactly. It was certainly the Vatican’s intention to give the greatest possible prominence to this product. In fact, last Wednesday, right before his General Audience, Pope Bergoglio received – amidst all sorts of .......