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Do you know my favorite superpower among the Maestro’s?

Without the help of a guitar or an organ, he steps into an arena where concerts are held and breaks records one after the other.

The RATS that were recorded as singers, musicians or concert reporters, lose their makeup and turn back into RATS while, to Louis Vuitton’s joy, the snakes and crocodiles that were recorded as belly dancers are losing their shine and skin to appear as the hideous reptiles they have always been.

We knew the theory that the Dems were Nazis with Soviet natural reflexes. With Nancy and Shifty’s lies, propaganda, bogus impeachment process and kangaroo court, we now have the confirmation.

We knew the C_A wanted the Keys to the Kingdom and infiltrated our political apparatus to circumvent the People’s will and directly govern. The incessant parade of HRC DNA State Department “career diplomats” in Shifty’s impeachment rat hole in Congress confirms it.

We knew the Dems, the Mockingbird Fake News and ISIS were secret brothers through the C_A. This is also confirmed by the difficulty the Dems and the Fake News had in hiding their sadness when the Maestro announced Al Baghdadi's death. They even went further. They portrayed rapist and killer Al Baghdadi as an ‘austere religious scholar’.

Is the picture now clear enough? Do you now clearly see the enemy beyond his multiple layers of makeup?

Q1941 Was 'Nazism' ever truly destroyed? Was it merely a sub-division within a larger organization? One finger attached to a hand? Did ANTIFA organically form? Flag design coincidence? Socialist push in US/WW coincidence?

Q1688 There is no greater [current] threat to the American people than the FAKE NEWS MEDIA. #ControlledMSM Study Nazism.

Q1879 House of GOD? Only the beginning. Those who you are taught to trust the most…. Expect MANY MANY MANY similar reports to surface from around the world. IT GOES A LOT DEEPER. Connected. The choice to know will be yours. Q

I told you 21 days ago in this articlethat The Whistleblower was an operation planned by HUSSEIN and that many C_A assets were involved to execute it. Future proves past: you saw all these RATS coming from nowhere making up stories in Shifty’s basement and/or overstepping the limits of their job descriptions as illustrated by the ‘testimony’ of Never Trumper Vindman. Let’s watch how the Maestro sums it all up and promises to soon reveal details about Vindman: until 3:06

I also told you in the same article that the Maestro already had the evidence of how the whistleblower operation was planned during a SCIF meeting arranged by HUSSEIN and how he may use the nuclear weapon of a law suit to blow up the impeachment hoax when he deems it necessary. In this image, we went through a list of crimes committed by the Dems that such a lawsuit could make public and I finished the article with:

Q2289 Ready when you are. Q

Peruvian Coffee for those who caught the confirmation from the Maestro! It’s coded in the call to the first All Women Spacewalk Team that he made 3 days after my article. Let’s see if you can detect it: until 2:49

Did you catch it? What happened at the Q=17 second mark? Here is the solution: Img1

With this confirmation, we can now fully enjoy the show. You know what show I’m talking about right? The Maestro told you not to miss it in a tweet posted at 20:08 on November 3 2019. The timestamp pulls Q2008 where we are essentially told that to accurately assess a situation in order to efficiently strategize, we should avoid speculations based on emotions. Let’s step into the theater: Img2

In the following tweets the Maestro opens the curtains and reveals all the components of his non nuclear strategy against impeachment and the whistleblower.

As usual, we will decode them separately and assemble the pieces of the puzzle at the end.

Like a movie intro, the next tweet announces what the coming package is all about: Img3

Next, the Maestro hints we have all the clues to replay the story: Img4

Here is the reason why, despite everything that is going on, you should remain calm and know the Maestro has a devastative PLAYBOOK for the Dems: Img5

The most important component of the PLAYBOOK is revealed here: Img6

As you can see, Mark Levin suggests the DOJ should investigate the so-called whistleblower and the two Schiff staffers. Well Mark, here is a drop you’ll like:

Q2161 Rats running. Timing is everything. Enjoy the show. Q

If an investigation targeting the whistleblower was launched after his complaint was filed, Dems could claim it’s politically motivated and get the Fake News to scream all day (and all night). How about if the whistleblower was under investigation BEFORE he submitted his complaint? Do you now see why the Maestro recently put the emphasis on the identity of the whistleblower? It resulted in speculations of the whistleblower being Eric Ciaramella which, if confirmed to be true, would lead to the explosive information that his name is already mentioned in the FISA report! It’s right here: article.

Immediately after this information started circulating, the whistleblower’s attorney Mark Zaid who until then had been intractable, made an offer to testify in writing, which was skillfully rejected by the GOP: article

Is the whistleblower getting nervous?

The next tweet answers the question and detects similarities with Mueller: Img7

If the whistleblower is such that HUSSEIN designated him to be at the centre of this impeachment operation when they are no longer in power, can you imagine the level of trust HUSSEIN had for him when they were in power? Can you deduce from this his level of involvement in FISA? You got it. If the whistleblower’s name is in the FISA report, he must be in deep, deep, deep trouble.

It’s confirmed in the next tweet: Img8

Knowing the whistleblower is in bad shape and that the Dems have no case or at best a weak one, we can start thinking about our XMAS shopping list: Img9

The final piece of the puzzle is the Maestro quoting Mark Levin who reminds us we should trust our own judgment and simply read the transcript: Img10

We can now solve the puzzle. Here is the decoded message with the chess combination the Maestro used for the whistleblower: Img11Img12