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X22REPORT: Ep 2774a – The [CB] Cannot Stop What Is Coming, The Economy Will Expose The Truth

X22REPORT: Message Received,C_A Counter Ops Will All Fall Down,Blackout Warning,Now Comes The Pain – Ep. 2772

X22REPORT: Ep 2772a – The Economy Will Bring Down The [DS]/[CB]s, It’s Working

Is It Game Over? New NASA Report

X22REPORT: Ep 2771a – [JB] Falls Right Into The Trap, Setup Complete

X22REPORT: Ep 2769a – Fake News Can No Longer Spin The Economic News, Game Over

X22REPORTl We Are Currently In The Destabilization Phase, Playbook Known, Objective [End] Checkmate – Ep. 2769

X22REPORT: Much Will Be Revealed, Renegade Panicking, The Deal Kept Iran Quiet, Control Lost – Ep. 2767

X22REPORT: Ep 2767a – The [CB] Just Did It, Watch What Happens Next, Planned Along Time Ago

Elizabeth Warren fumes over leak about Roe v. Wade, says “extremist” pro-life Supreme Court justices need to be investigated

X22REPORT: [DS] Deploys All Assets, Rule Of Law, Supreme Court Comes Into Focus – Ep. 2766

X22REPORT: Ep 2766a – The [CB] Is Done, No Deals, No Escape, The Crisis Is Coming

X22REPORT: You Are Witnessing The Systematic Destruction Of The Old Guard, ‘Kick-Off’ The Offensive – Ep. 2764

X22REPORT: Ep 2764a – The Fake News Is Protecting The [CB], They Know What’s Coming

X22REPORT: Central Communication Blackout, Countermeasures In Place, Freedom Of Information = [END] – Ep. 2762

X22REPORT:Ep 2762a – Think Mirror, Everything They Planned For Trump Is Happening To Them

X22REPORT: C Comes Before D, The Next Phase Will Bring Justice, Buckle Up – Ep. 2761

X22REPORT: Ep 2761a – WEF Trapped, The Globalist System Is Dying Right In Front Of Their Eyes

X22REPORT: [HRC]/[DS] Players Took The Bait, Trap Set, All The Walls Are Falling Down – Ep. 2760

X22REPORT: Ep 2760a – [CB]/[DS] Continually Show Their Hand, The [CB] Plan Exposed And Failed