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X22REPORT: Ep 2859a – The Biden Administration Economic Games Don’t Work Anymore

Globalists are terrorizing humanity with artificial SCARCITY of everything: Food, energy, fertilizer and more… When we defeat the controllers, we unleash ABUNDANCE for all

X22REPORT: The Memo Caught Them All, Trump Is About To Expose It All, Tick Tock – Ep. 2859

X22REPORT: Ep 2859a – The Biden Administration Economic Games Don’t Work Anymore

Steve Bannon Issues an Emergency Message Concerning Alex Jones and the Future of the World

X22REPORT: [DS] Assets Deployed, Trump Readies Next Phase, Boomerang – Ep. 2858

X22REPORT: Ep 2858a – The More The [CB]/[WEF] Pushes, The More The People Are Going To Push Back

X22REPORT: Ep 2857a – Trump Was Right Again, Winter Is Coming, Economic Protests Coming

Another Conspiracy Theory Vindicated: MSNBC Tells Peasants ‘You’ll Miss the Deep State When It’s Gone’

X22REPORT: Did Trump Just Mention The Trump Card? How Do You Catch A Fish? Use Bait – Ep. 2857

X22REPORT: A Clean House Is Very Important, Carpet Bombs Then MOAB – Ep. 2855

X22REPORT: Ep 2855a – IRS Was Shutdown By The Courts When Trying To Collect Alternative Currency Data

X22REPORT: Red October, Declas Brings It All Down, There Is No Where To Hide, Showtime – Ep. 2853

X22REPORT: Ep 2853a – [WEF]/[CB] Green Agenda/Great Reset Is Imploding, Panic

FULFORD: This is not an economic or political crisis, it is a crisis of monotheism [FULL Report]

X22REPORT: Patriot Offensive Destroyed The [DS], Define Subversion, Optics Confirmed, Right On Schedule – Ep. 2852

X22REPORT: Ep 2852a – [CB] Begins To Panic About Crypto Currency, Sends Letter To Banks

X22REPORT: [DS] Exposed,The Country Is Getting A Deep Cleaning,Some Agencies Will Cease To Exist – Ep. 2850

X22REPORT: Ep 2850a – The [WEF] Is Panicking, People Are Waking Up, The People See It Now

X22REORT: [DS] Took The Bait, The Stage Is Set, [DS] Power Implosion – Ep. 2849