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Many Anons are very drained and tired right now.  We have been booted from so many different platforms and our ability to reach out to those asleep has diminished quite a bit.  Has it every occurred to you that maybe the White Hats need you rested, armed and ready for the next phase?  We have been so used to digging and researching and surfing the web to find answers to help red pill the masses and now that we are booted / suspended from major platforms, we do not know where to go.  

The messages that I see are Anons that may have lost the reason why we are digging and or they are wondering why are we now an echo chamber to each other?  Since we are now on platforms that are very slow (GAB and AnonUp) and it limits our ability to connect with one another.  And millions of us have found Telegram but have no clue how it works.  Yet, most Telegram channels are post only channels and some channels have comments for you to post.  

To share the truth.  Who are we sharing it with?  Fellow Anons (for now).  We used to drop it for the Liberals to read.  

The suspensions were my opinion.  With all that is happening right now with Brainless Biden, social media could be very confusing.  Some Anons may share their doubts about the plan, while others forge ahead with research....and to reach out to those that are asleep, in my opinion, if a person is still asleep with Biden's recent moves, they will eventually wake up on their own. Yet with Twitter only having 300M users now, the liberals are an echo chamber with each other and sharing their regrets of supporting Biden. 















There is only one category that we both see eye to eye about Joe Biden as president, his moves are destroying America.  While we know he is the faux president, with a faux AF1 / Oval office, the liberals do believe he is the real one.  The fake news media has a strong hold on controlling the narrative for the far leaning left.  So if both sides are seeing him destroying America...that is our starting point.  

I asked a few, why they are drained and they truly cannot explain anything specific. But think about how we communicate now.  This movie plot is so dynamic with so many twists and while we know it is a movie, how do you explain this to a far leaning left my opinion, you don't.  Think about this, you all have crusaders for the truth and we have marched and stood by President Trump for years.  This is now in our blood.  When you talk to a fellow Anon about the events, the conversation is significantly different that talking with a liberal neighbor or family member.  

So if you work or live with a liberal and they freely chime in about Biden or President Trump, simply ask, "What good thing has Biden done as president?".  That opens up a completely different type of conversation.  They cannot say anything positive at all.  My guess, their first response is that they will say "Trump is a ____________".  They still haven't answered your question.  So rather than beating yourselves up with trying to reason with them, they will find out on their own.  Cognitive Dissonance!  Ask any former Democrat that now supports Trump, how they became fierce fighters for the truth, they will more than likely say they were so angry that they got brainwashed by the media and that party.

There are no leaks and if anyone that knows the plan are Military Intelligence and General Flynn.  


Other conversations are HOW will we transition to the Republic America?  I do not know.  That is one question that appears to make it hard for many Anons right now, because no one really knows the plan on HOW the transition takes place.  Many can speculate but no one knows the actual events.

Many people have been disappointed by dates.  I researched more on the DC hotel rates on March 3-4, 2021 and the rates for every hotel is the same price.  The only hotel that increased its nightly rate is the Trump International DC.  While the Constitution says March 4 is the Inauguration date, one cannot make concrete plans to go to President Trump's official celebration for the Republic America!  

Anons are digging down other rabbit holes to prove another Anon is wrong.  That appears to be counterproductive.  Anons sticking together will help tremendously when the sleepy masses finally wake up.


This movie plot has been in the works for years.  With so many Q posts that have hit their marks, we can confidently say, this is all one big movie and most everyone we see right now (including the media) has a script.  The real crooks that are already locked up, house arrest or dealt with are just watching their body double / masked person  play the part.  Follow the script, maybe their sentence is reduced from the death penalty to 50 years.  Who knows the details of that.  If they don't follow the script, they get the death penalty.  


You don't.  Let them watch this movie now and how it plays out.  They watch your every move.  Your kindness, professionalism, laughter, joy, humanity...they are always watching us! We treat them with kindness and they will eventually want to be a part of the positive team!  


The World wins when this is all done! All your research and digging will be needed.  All your arms will be wide open for those that do wake up.

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