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Yemen Fake War

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FW 9/12

It's worth watching to see the propaganda...keep your feelers up at all times, question, question, question.
Don't forget AFRICOM, which is NATO (EU) AND THE U.S. MILITARY
Keep in mind our military trained the Mexican military, then the soldiers joined the drug cartel "Zeta"  add to that Fast and Furious...
Hundreds of Somali soldiers desert after US-supported training
The Associated Press reports on a major pitfall of U.S. train and equip programs - without addressing the underlying problems, such as whether salaries make it to the soldiers, U.S. training fails to prevent these newly professionalized soldiers from joining the opposite side
Sent: Wednesday, June 6, 2012 1:45 PM

Subject: Did this just for you, surprised?

This is important to watch as there will be Yemen propaganda efforts in the future to get the U.S. even further involved.
What the commentator says about taxpayers paying for Yemen's military, and we're one bullet away from having our freedoms taken away, is mind boggling.
Would begging help? This is worth watching on so many levels.
Keep in mind the CIA started and trained Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda in Afghanistan when they were fighting the Russians.
Heard that things are not going well in Afghanistan and we have been misled about our success, but you know better than this grasshopper what the truth is as you have all the resources at your finger tips.
Adieu, enjoy, if you can.
Don't forget to comment at the KC Star Midwest Voices, I do, someone has to.  
Watch Charlie Rose, KCPT, 11 p.m. M-F
Mussolini, “defined socialism and fascism as ‘movement, struggle, and action.’ One of his favorite slogans was ‘To live is not to calculate, but to act!’”
 P.S. I can't write, but you can take any idea if it's worthy and call it your own, or do whatever you like including printing with my permission as long as you correct the mistakes! I'm dyslexic and mistakes abound, sometimes you'll have to reread to figure out what I meant to say. I'm doing the best I can as is spell check, but I don't always see the mistakes even after I've reread the email.

Thank you.

 Bill Ayers and public education.