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Beware Africa: You’re Being Set Up

Zen Gardner

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March 10, 2012

This is how they do it. Whether it’s staged murders to justify intervention in the name of the ubiquitous “drug war”, made up or exaggerated rogue dictators and tribal chiefs, or murderous sensational bomb blasts in public places, the Illuminati war lords know how to soften up their targets and sway public perception to continue their global hegemony.

Vicious animals on the prowl for exploitation and control in their endless lust for power at any human cost.

And nothing like needing a new Public Enemy to focus all that hate on. Intrinsic to the plan.

The Method

A small taste of how these megalomaniacs think and act can be found in recent news from Africa. Please investigate for yourself, whether in Africa, the middle east, or anywhere in the world, they’re at work, and with the cooperation of local co-conspiratorial agents. Yes, they’re real. And nasty.

First the warning, so everyone knows what it is when it happens:


January 8, 2012

Britain warns of increased risk of terror attack in Kenya

LONDON (AFP) – Britain said Saturday it believed there was a heightened threat of “terrorist attacks” in the Kenyan capital Nairobi and that attacks “may be in the final stages of planning”.

The Foreign Office also revealed that British counter-terror police traveled to Kenya last month to assist the authorities following the arrrest of a British national in the main port of Mombasa.

“The Kenyan authorities have alerted the public to a heightened threat from terrorist attacks in Nairobi. We believe that terrorists may be in the final stages of planning attacks,” a Foreign Office statement said.

It said attacks could be “indiscriminate” and target “Kenyan institutions as well as places where expatriates and foreign travelers gather, such as hotels, shopping centres and beaches”.

March 10, 2012

3 dead in Kenya bus station blast

Nairobi, Kenya (CNN) — At least three people were killed and others were treated for wounds following explosions at a bus station in the Kenyan capital Saturday, the Red Cross said.

The explosions occurred in central Nairobi, the agency said. Source


January 21, 2012

Terror attacks in Kano, Nigeria, kill at least 162

The death toll following coordinated bomb attacks and gun battles in the Nigerian city of Kano has risen to at least 162, a source at the city’s main morgue has said.

A curfew was imposed on Kano in Nigeria‘s mainly Muslim north after it exploded into violence on Friday evening, with eight police and immigration offices or residences targeted…


Some 20 huge blasts could be heard in the city as a suicide bomber struck a regional police office and a car bomb rocked state police headquarters after the attacker fled and was shot dead, police sources said. Source

Congo Blast Brazzaville


March 4 -

Congo Blast: Brazzaville Arms Depot Explosion Kills 200

Around 200 people were killed on Sunday when an arms dump exploded in Brazzaville, capital of the Congo Republic, a senior official in the presidency said, citing hospital sources.

Hundreds more were injured by the blasts which rocked the riverside capital of the oil-producing nation early in the day, flattening houses near the scene and sending a plume of smoke high above the city. Source

Now This Classic Propaganda Piece….


The new demon arrives…and what do ya know – he’s a radical Christian! How conveeeeeenient….

(News Scare Headline..) Meet Africa’s Number One Terrorist: Joseph Kony

Meet Joseph Kony, one of the most villainous criminals on the planet. This Ugandan terrorist is founder of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), a anti-government group that is responsible for forcing thousands girls into prostitution and turning young boys into brain-washed child soldiers for his so-called “Christian movement.” Source

Wow, lotta buzz words there. Gosh, couldn’t possibly be a set up, ya think? And with all the CFR celebs getting on board with their phony Kona 2012 media splatter surely this needs to be a cause that needs international intervention…..NOT!!


It’s honestly disgusting to watch. I mainly wanted to point out these seeminly unrelated events in Africa are stepping up and will do moreso in the very near future. They’ve made their intentions quite clear via their propaganda mouthpiece and metastasizing global initiatives.

They follow the same pattern as 9/11, Afghanistan and then Iraq; and the furtively instigated unrest progression into Egypt, Libya, Syria, Somalia and eventually Iran…and whomever else dares to get in the way.

What’s interesting and works in our favor is they’re executing this last leg of their plan in increasing desperation and with greater and greater impunity. This is gonna tick off even the average guy pretty soon.

I expect some things to go seriously wrong as they approach this reckless frenzy of death and control grabbing they’re growing increasingly frenetic about. Seriously.

After all, the voracious animals think they can smell the blood.

Watch for it. Keep exposing it. Keep your lights shining. We are making a massive difference.

Truth always wins out. Stand your ground…..and your infinite space…

Love always,