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Finland-Estonia Relations: Estonian Interior Minister Was Kinda Right but Also Kinda Wrong About Finland

Andrew Korybko

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The Estonian Interior Minister was correct in calling out the new Finnish government’s extreme Europhilia which he fears is destined to turn the country into a so-called “euro-province” at the expense of its national sovereignty, but his invocation of Lenin and the Finnish Civil War-era Reds was a wink at the Russophobic tendencies that pervade his society, as well strongly hinting at the role of what right-wing forces such as him controversially describe as “Cultural Marxism” is supposedly playing in bringing about the aforementioned scenario.

The EU has been fairly criticized in recent years for its ultra-liberal universalism and the trend towards a so-called “federation of regions” that would ultimately do away with the nation-state, so it wasn’t surprising in principle that a “Euro-Realist” (the neologism that the author believes is more accurate euphemism for “Euroskeptic”) politician in an EU-member state publicly touched upon this topic, though the controversy this time around is that it was .....