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Oct. 10, 2015

Turning point? EU Commission head says relations with Russia ‘must be improved,’ US ‘can’t dictate’

Published time: 9 Oct, 2015 04:13

Europe must treat Russia with more decency, improve the relationship, and not let EU policies be dictated by Washington, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said in a surprise speech in Germany.

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It is now critical for the EU to work on its relations with Russia, Juncker said in the southern German town of Passau: “We must make efforts towards a practical relationship with Russia. It is not sexy but that must be the case, we can’t go on like this.”

Moreover, the US needs to keep its influence out of EU relations with other countries, Juncker added.

“Russia must be treated decently … We can’t let our relationship with Russia be dictated by Washington.”

EU-Russia relations have deteriorated since the EU imposed sanctions on Russia for its alleged role in the Ukrainian conflict. The Russian government has unswervingly denied these allegations.

Gorbachev calls for Russia-Germany alliance ‘for common European good’

— RT (@RT_com) October 3, 2015

In the meantime, some progress has recently been reported in eastern Ukraine, as the armed forces of the self-proclaimed Lugansk People’s Republic (LNR) have begun withdrawing weapons under 100 mm caliber from the conflict zone. Ukraine’s Joint Staff has also announced the start of a withdrawal of artillery from the region.

The withdrawal of weapons is part of the Minsk agreements, which was agreed upon by the leaders of the Normandy Four, namely France, Germany, Ukraine and Russia, in February. The deal required a ceasefire, a weapons withdrawal, constitutional reforms, legislative recognition of a special status for the unrecognized republics, and release and exchange of prisoners on an all-for-all basis.

However, lasting truce was only reached in late August. Kiev and the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk republics maintain the armistice has been holding since September 1, although both sides still occasionally accuse each other of violations.

Moscow continues to stress the importance of direct dialogue between Kiev and representatives of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics.

World Bank sharply downgrades Ukraine’s GDP forecast

— RT (@RT_com) October 5, 2015

Russian President Vladimir Putin told CBS’s ‘60 Minutes’ at the end of September that all countries need to respect Ukraine’s sovereignty.

“At no time in the past, now or in the future has or will Russia take any part in actions aimed at overthrowing the legitimate government,” Putin said, adding that Moscow “would like other countries to respect the sovereignty of other states, including Ukraine. Respecting the sovereignty means preventing coups, unconstitutional actions and illegitimate overthrowing of the legitimate government.”


EU sanctions against Russia could be renewed at the end of this year, however, even though some European countries have been hit hard by the fall in trade triggered, in part, by Moscow’s counter-sanctions on food imports.

EU sanctions include restrictions on lending to major Russian state-owned banks, as well as defense and oil companies. In addition, Brussels has imposed restrictions on supplying weapons and military equipment to Russia, as well as military technology, dual-use technologies, high-tech equipment, and technologies for oil production. A number of Russian and Ukrainian officials have also been blacklisted by the West.


October 10, 2015 at 2:49 am

Right now if you were in need of some hope for a change in this world for the better you should be feeling good at this moment in time. Not only has Putin the Promethean stepped up to the plate and attacked the evil Zeusian empire of New Venice via Syria but now Juncker shows you a clear sign of a split in the slave corporations (nations) of the New Venice Empire. We really needed both of these events to happen and now we’re seeing it before our very eyes.

You’ll need to keep an eye on any form of attacks on the European Union which may come as economic warfare, terrorism, invasion (Soros run refugees etc) or sabotage. The ideal place for New Venice to attack in the EU would be Berlin, Germany which is the heart of the EU’s economic power. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear of some kind of nuclear attack on Berlin if things get too desperate for New Venice. All rail networks in Germany must stay on guard for any kind of attack via rail on the mainland using nuclear or biological weapons.

Piggate British PM David Cameron and colony slave Obama will be stewing right now as their masters in the City of London get ready to whip their behinds. David Cameron (Crooked Nose Clansman) already has a supposed disliking of Juncker. Notice how quickly today the US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter was present at the heart of the New Venice Empire in London along with the UK Defence Secretary Michael Fallon. You can bet these Zeusian war criminals are both in a panic state and plotting serious and very dangerous actions which could result in devastating actions for the peoples of Earth. Right now I believe Europe will be more in the target sights than both Russia and China although we may see some moves to hinder both Russia and China. New Venice may attempt to false flag an incident to make either Russia or China look bad, something similar to the New Venice shooting down of MH17 which was wrongly blamed on Russia. An economic attack on China then trumped up in the Ziopress would attempt to discourage the herd from accepting the Promethean New World Economic Order (nothing to do with the Nazi New World Order from the Zeusians) from the BRICS Alliance. It’s hard for New Venice to attack the real Chinese economy and instead you’ll only see the outer economy hindered which is more connected internationally. What we saw recently with the Chinese economy was an attack which has only aid China in routing out the rott.

This is a very exciting time in history and right now the Prometheans are taking the lead but expect the Zeusians to kick off real soon because they’ve become desperate as their Trans-Atlantic monetary system and Empire is about to die. It’s time for a Promethean future, one where mankind excels and sets itself free from Zeusian slavery. No longer will man be hindered by Kronos and Zeus. Keep your eyes on how intense the BREXIT referendum campaign gets as this situation in Europe intensifies and former slave corporations (nations) break away. All of Europe should join the BRICS and form an alliance as quickly as possible.


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