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Poor Angela Merkel. Adolf Hitler's illegitimate daughter is now as unpopular as her father in Greece

Alcuin Bramerton

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n Greece, Greek government ministers are now being openly depicted in newspaper cartoons and posters knuckling down to German instructions or obediently delivering the Nazi salute.


The recent annual march in Thessaloniki commemorating the Greek national struggle against the Second World War Axis Powers (Germany, Italy and Japan) was blocked by protesters shouting "traitor" at the Greek President.


The German-led EuroZone's financial thought police ("inspectors") are about to establish a permanent occupation office in Athens to ensure "full implementation" of the externally-imposed austerity policies. Greece has now been stripped of even the pretence of national sovereignty.


The two halves of the EuroZone (North and South) are locked together in a failed and broken marriage. The structural gap between them cannot possibly be closed by debt-deflation in the South. Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal are in debt because they cannot compete with Germany and northern Europe. The four southern countries are simply imprisoned in the wrong currency.


The EU refuses to confront this core issue. The Euro itself has become an engine of destruction and cross-border rancour. Europe will not be happy again until this manipulative Rothschild currency experiment is finally shut down and consigned to the dustbin of history. More here (02.11.11), here (01.11.11), here (01.11.11), here (01.11.11), here (01.11.11) and here (30.10.11).


At the beginning of September 2011, it became apparent in G5-dominated Europe that, as discussed at the Monaco Colloquium, global intelligence and police agencies not controlled by the G5 fiat-paper syndicate had obtained the executive banking codes for the Global Collateral Accounts (Institutional Parent Registration Accounts). These codes enabled back-traces to be initiated which will establish in detail who has been using these privileged funds, and for what purpose, since they were first hijacked by the Illuminati-driven Western Banking Cabal in the 1950s.


The story of this cabal theft goes back to the Bretton Woods agreement of 1944. At that time the UK, France and the US were internationally mandated to run the global financial system for a fifty-year period ending in 1994. However, during the 1950s it became apparent that these three countries were not going to keep their promises to organise Marshall Plans to benignly develop Asia and Africa. Instead they wanted to finance a dialectical counterfeit Cold War between the Soviets and the West in order to benefit military, oil and related corporate interests.


When US President John F.Kennedy agreed with the 77-nation non-aligned group to create new US Treasury Dollars (not more US Federal Reserve Notes) to finance the development of the Third World and a trip to the Moon, he was assassinated by contracted agents of the Western Banking Cabal. Over the following decades several other non-aligned leaders were also murdered, hounded out of power, or intimidated into silence.


One who managed to live, but was eventually forced out of office by the West, was President Sukarno of Indonesia (Achmad Soekarno: 1901-1970). Sukarno was a lead signatory for the non-aligned group and protected much of their gold. This non-aligned group, now identified with the Monaco Accord process, holds the legal rights to $371 trillion dollars’ worth of assets connected with the Global Collateral Accounts. For comparative purposes, it can be held in mind that World Gross Domestic Product is about $60 trillion a year.


The Cold War was eventually wound down by the cabal's puppetmasters, and the Soviet Union was dismantled in the run up to the end of the UK/French/American Bretton Woods financial mandates in 1994. Most of the mainstream visible action took place between 1989 and 1991. However, the Illuminati group at the top of the Western financial system could not agree on what should come next. All sorts of confused factional infighting started and this finally resulted in the very visible 2007-2011 global financial crisis which is now igniting the EuroZone in helpless end-time panic.


The political leaderships in Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Spain and Italy are all aware that the criminal part of the West's financial system is falling apart. The IMF will soon cease to be solvent. So will the World Bank. The Bank for International Settlements is also in serious trouble. The entire money-out-of nothing Rothschild banking monopoly is in chaotic terminal decline, and so are the "royal" reptilian bloodline families associated with Illuminati control in Europe and the US. The EuroZone PIIGS are playing a waiting game knowing that the banksters to whom they ostensibly owe "money" had no lawful right to manufacture their debts. The debts were fraudulently constructed and illegally issued.


The brilliant ploy of Greece's George Papandreou, on the evening of Monday 31st October 2011, to announce a national referendum on the EuroZone bailout for his country only days after a market-fooling cosmetic deal had apparently been struck, and only days before a crisis meeting of the G20 in France was due to convene, was a tectonic game-changer.


It was a gambit designed to give the G5 maggot broth a vigorous stir and to buy more squabble time until the whole EuroZone bangshoot collapsed under the weight of its own structural absurdities. Papandreou, learning from the JFK assassination lesson, kept his decision to himself until the last moment, did not consult widely, and launched his gambit on the world through the Western mainstream media before a G5 BlackOps death squad could be sent to suicide or heart-attack him. Or buy him off, like Tony Blair.


Back in 2006, Tony Blair, while still British Prime Minister, was paid $100 million from a secret EU slush fund to secure the UK's compliance with regard to the Lisbon treaty. The money was conditional on his prevention of a public referendum on the issue in the UK. Blair agreed to the condition and his $100 million is reported to have been seen passing across screens at the Central Bank of Belize between February and March 2006.


Outside Europe, Blair and his UK political and intelligence associates made a much larger sum from engineering the entry of the UK into the Iraq War in March 2003 in support of the US Bush White House. Blair is said to have accepted a $7.2 billion bribe from a Jeb Bush-owned General Electric Medical Supply subsidiary called Novation LLC. Novation LLC was then contracted out as the medical supplier for both US and British troops in Iraq.


Following the Papandreou Greek referendum gambit of 2011, there is now a real possibility that a carefully orchestrated referendum-contagion will sweep across Europe, organised initially by the PIIGS, but then taken on by the Baltic states. If this transpires, or is threatened meaningfully behind closed doors, any remaining EuroZone coherence will be flushed decisively down the pan.


With the G5 banking syndicate's fiat-money trading platforms now blocked following the Monaco Accords, the Western controllers of the fiat system can no longer pump new money into the casino. The best they can do is to endlessly reshuffle screen-money which is already in the system. Proper asset-backed new money will only start entering the G5 bit of the global financial system once the Euro and the Federal Reserve (fiat) Notes have been abandoned.


The IMF and the World Bank were designed by vested corporate interests to force the European Rothschild banking system on all the countries of the world. The new, post-Monaco, Eastern-led goal is to do away with that coercion, reboot the international financial system, and set the core parameters in such a way that all countries, big and small, benefit from the pooled assets of the planet, not just Europe and North America.


The original Bretton Woods system was meant to have been run by the Swiss and protected by the Americans. However, the system of checks and balances failed and the people who were supposed to protect the system ended up abusing it. These people will now be publicly identified and, if still alive, will be brought before the competent courts. The first step in the legal disclosure process is thought to be a lawsuit which will be filed in November 2011 against the individuals and groups who abused the Federal Reserve Board system.


Successful prosecution of this suit will lead to liens being taken out against many of the largest financial institutions in the world, and there will be mass arrests of non-fugitive Illuminati minions. All money created through derivatives frauds will be eliminated from all books worldwide. Major historical financial injustices will be addressed, and stolen monies and assets will be returned to their rightful owners.


With regard to the UK/Japanese-sourced intelligence about the seminal bona fides of the current German Head of State, Angela Merkel, see downpage here (24.10.11).


Some people say that it is silly to suggest that Angela Merkel is one of Adolf Hitler's illegitimate daughters because their ages and dates don't support the assertion. The argument runs that Hitler died in his Berlin bunker in 1945 with Eva Braun (two simultaneous suicides: one gunshot, one cyanide capsule). That means that any child born to Hitler would now, at the very youngest, be 2011-1945 = 66 years old. And no-one thinks that Angela Merkel, even allowing for a Pakistani-style age-accounting method, can be much more than 60 years old. Her official age is given as 57; born on the 17th July 1954 in Hamburg.


However, as ancient Nazi history continues to tumble out of its previously sealed hidey-holes, it is becoming apparent that Adolf Hitler did not die until at least 1967 - when he was last reliably reported as having being seen and visited by a senior European royal family member (probably English) at a remote residence in Argentina. So the calculus can be revised to 2011-1967 = 44. Or, speculating on a female visitor from Germany to South America in 1954 (on bloodline-continuation business), we get 2011-1954 = 57.


Exactly who the suicided bodies in the Reich Chancellery Führerbunker belonged to, in those strangely provenanced, and historically convenient, Russian photographs, remains a matter of lively forensic debate. Like Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gaddafi, the George Bushes and Hank Paulson, Hitler had several doppelgänger lookalikes, one or two of which were probably DNA-infused human clones.


History, it might be recalled, is written by the victors. It is also, often, an expedient narrative arising from the creative writing requirements of its sponsors. The Third Reich was part-sponsored by the Rockefeller syndicate in America. That is why America took so long to come into the Second World War. The European fires had to be given proper time to get well and truly burning. This was for both business and élite global management reasons. One of the objectives of WW2, from the point of view of its Illuminati bankster puppetmasters, was to generate a fake holocaust narrative which could be used to energise the foundation of a Nazi-continuum/Zionist state in Palestine.


And thus, it is said, arose the Hugh Trevor-Roper team at Nuremburg. It has emerged recently that Trevor-Roper seems to have worked as a double agent for the German Abwehr. He was active at the International Military Tribunal at Nuremburg (1945-1949) providing obfuscation and false histories to enable the covert escape of senior Nazi operatives and scientists, including Adolph Hitler, from Germany in the immediate aftermath of the Second World War.


The escaping Nazis were secreted into the American military-industrial complex or into American-controlled locations in South America and Antarctica. And, of course, the CIA as we now know it was created when the puppetmasters merged the German Gestapo with the US Office of Strategic Services. That is why the CIA, until very recently, had such effective leverage on Angela Merkel. They knew her backstory. There have always been two major conflicting factions within the CIA: the Nazi-continuum drug-runners associated with the George Bush syndicate, and the quiet, herbivorous, American patriots.

Nov. 3, 2011

More on this Tavistock-like English subtext can be found downpage here.