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URGENT: Take emergency action to save red wolves

Ben Prater - Defenders of Wildlife

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Please speak out for red wolves today!


No other word comes close to describing the impact on critically endangered red wolves if this appalling proposal goes through.

Defying all logic, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) is proposing a 90 percent reduction in the land available for red wolf recovery in eastern North Carolina. This area supports the last wild population of red wolves. And worse, the proposal would allow private landowners free reign to shoot any red wolves that wander across their property.

If this proposal goes into effect, it will be a death sentence for America’s most endangered wolf.

URGENT – this proposal is an outrage - tell FWS to do their job and save red wolves!

Fewer than 40 red wolves cling to survival in the wild. If this proposed rule goes into effect, there will barely be room for 15 animals in the tiny patch of habitat that remains.

Protect Red Wolves Today >>

In what was once a model recovery program, FWS reintroduced red wolves in North Carolina in 1987 – just seven years after they were declared extinct in the wild. As a result, the wild population of red wolves rebounded to nearly 150 individuals!

But after years of yielding to pressure from a vocal minority seeking to end the recovery of red wolves in the wild, FWS failed to follow through on its commitment to restore red wolves and is now proposing a rule that would certainly lead to their extinction in the wild!

But there’s still time to stop this!

FWS is accepting comments until July 30th – so please – take a moment and speak out for red wolves today!

Thanks for all you do.

Ben Prater

Ben Prater

Southeast Program Director

Defenders of Wildlife