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This is for the polar bears

Jamie Rappaport Clark

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Stand up for the Arctic Refuge!


Will this be her last stand?

A mother polar bear emerges from her winter hibernation. She is ravenous. She hasn’t eaten in months. With the disappearing Arctic pack ice, hunting for food has become a desperate life or death struggle. And her two newborn cubs are depending on her for their survival.

Help protect polar bears and other Arctic wildlife with an urgent donation of $10 or more!

The roughly 1,500 polar bears that call the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge home are already under siege from the effects of climate change.

But to the oil-happy Trump administration, the refuge is little more than an untapped oilfield waiting for industrial invasion. If they succeed, this could be the final nail in the coffin for these majestic animals.

Your gift of $10 or more will provide the resources we need to keep up the fight to protect this precious and unspoiled habitat.

When you support Defenders, you’re standing with us in defense of the polar bears, Arctic foxes, muskoxen and other wildlife that call the refuge home.

You’re standing with us to protect the vast herds of caribou that make their annual migrations to the coastal plain.

And you’re standing with us to protect the nursery for millions of migratory birds – snow geese, hawks, shorebirds and scores of others.

Stand with wildlife today >>

With your help, we’ll mobilize the true voice of Americans - the vast majority of whom oppose oil development in the refuge. We’ll be your eyes and ears on the ground in the Arctic and in the halls of Congress. And we’ll never give up as we work to preserve the priceless wild legacy we wish to leave to future generations.

Patrick, it’s times like these that demand nothing short of our most strenuous efforts. Thank you in advance for doing your part!

Jamie Rappaport Clark

Jamie Rappaport Clark

President, Defenders of Wildlife