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BREAKING: Trump opens Arctic Refuge to oil and gas industry

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Today President Trump celebrated the passing of a bill that opens up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, one of our most cherished and sacred places, to the highest bidder—all in the name of funding irresponsible tax breaks and subsidizing the oil and gas industry. The 19.6 million-acre Refuge, one of the last intact wild landscapes on Earth, is a vast swath of mountains and tundra that is publicly owned and culturally and ecologically significant.

Now one of the most important areas of this land is being handed over to the fossil fuel industry—but Earthjustice is prepared to fight back.

The decision to open up the Refuge to oil leasing runs directly counter to the wishes of a majority of Americans, who know that once the roads and pipelines are built, the wells and drilling pads are dug, and oil is pumped and spilled, we won’t be able to restore the natural beauty of this majestic place.

This decades-long fight isn’t over. We are a nation of strong environmental laws—laws designed to keep irresponsible oil drilling out of sensitive habitats. With your support, Earthjustice will use the full force of the law to defend the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

We’re working alongside indigenous and conservation groups that have been in this fight for years, and together we’ll fight to hold the line against the extractive industries and government agencies who are all too happy to rubber-stamp dangerous drilling. We will be ready to take these agencies to court to defend the Refuge and enforce the law.

This is where you come in. To take on these courtroom battles, we need your help. From now until the end of the year the Sandler Foundation has offered to match your new or increased gift $1-for-$1!

With you by our side, we’ll keep fighting to defend our public lands and precious ocean habitats. With your support, we can continue to take on the toughest environmental challenges of our time.

Thank you,

Trip Van Noppen