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Congress is their old dirty tricks

Robert Dewey

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Congress is back in town and they've brought with them another round of deadly attacks on wildlife. They barely had time to unpack their suitcases before reigniting their anti-wildlife agenda with a slew of riders aimed at undermining the Endangered Species Act (ESA).

This week, the House is preparing to vote on a massive bill to fund the federal government, including the Department of the Interior, and some shameless representatives are using it as a tool to hurl attacks at the ESA.

URGENT: Tell your representative to oppose any anti-wildlife riders on this bill.

By loading anti-wildlife riders onto this “must pass” bill, they could succeed in removing ESA protections for individual species and undermining the role of science in wildlife conservation. The bill also includes a nearly 17 percent cut to the budget that protects new species under the ESA – a significant cut that will lead to delays in protections.

It is devious and downright dirty to use a necessary funding bill as a vehicle by which to throw wildlife under the bus. Help us send a clear message that we won't stand for it!

Urge your representative to stand up for this critical law and the imperiled species that depend on it for their continued survival.

The ESA enjoys overwhelming public support and has been successful at keeping 99 percent of listed species from going extinct. It is the last line of defense for species on the brink of extinction.

 YOU are the last line of defense for the ESA. Help protect it from conniving politicians intent on taking science out of conservation decisions and catering to the special interests that line their campaign coffers.

Don't let anti-ESA lawmakers get away with these underhanded schemes to dismantle the ESA!

The fate of threatened and endangered species should be left up to science – not politics.

Don't let Congress turn its back on the wildlife you love.


Robert Dewey, Vice President

Robert Dewey

Vice President, Government Relations & External Affairs

Defenders of Wildlife