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Texas Amasses Army of Wild Animals to Fight Deadliest Animal in Flooded Houston

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In Texas, some local volunteers are rescuing bats from the flooded waters and the reason why may surprise you. This is a perfect example of why Texans are some of the most resourceful people in the country.

After Hurricane Harvey devastated many parts of Texas, some volunteers gathered together to rescue bats that were stranded in the rising waters.

You see, despite many fake news videos of sharks roaming around the flooded landscape, and some alligators that may or may have not been from this flood, Texans know that there is a serious threat that is coming.

You know what is really attracted to still waters? Mosquitoes.

These Texas heroes understand that bats eat mosquitoes and so by rescuing them, they can deal with a major virus-carrying threat.

Many videos have surfaced online showing the rescue efforts and it seems that people have quickly caught onto the fact that bats are an important part of the ecosystem balance. See the video below.

This is what we mean by resourcefulness — these Texans are braving the rainwater, leaning over bridges to rescue these animals.

Traditionally, bats are thought of as the scary ghoulish creatures that we typically only see around Halloween, but in this case, they may just save lives… one meal at a time.

According to CBS News, the bats in Houston can consume nearly two and a half tons of insects every night.

“Because of the fact that Houston’s flooding so much, they’ll really need those bats afterwards. They already have a mosquito problem as it is with standing water,” Michelle Camara, owner of Southern Wildlife Rehab and director of Bat World Alamo, told the outlet. “Without the bats we’d have a lot more issues with diseases.”

This is absolutely amazing! Talk about being prepared.

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