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Save wolves from certain death

Robert Dewey

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Congress is once again taking aim at our beloved wolves.

A companion bill to H.R. 424, the House bill introduced by Liz Cheney of Wyoming to strip wolves in Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Wyoming of all protection under the Endangered Species Act (ESA), was just introduced in the Senate.

One thing is for certain: If this bill is enacted, more wolves will die.

Tell Democratic Minority Leader Schumer to oppose S. 164, the “War on Wolves Act!”

This bill would return wolf management in Wyoming to the state, which had previously allowed for unregulated, shoot-on-sight killing of wolves in a “predator zone” that encompasses over 80% of the state.

We are very concerned that a number of pro-conservation Senators have signed onto this bill because we need as much support for the ESA as possible this Congress.

oppose the "War on Wolves Act" >>

As the Senate Democratic Minority Leader and a supporter of the ESA, we must urge Senator Schumer to strongly encourage his colleagues to withdraw their support for this terrible legislation and do everything in his power to prevent the Senate from advancing the measure.

These decisions are supposed to be about science, not politics.

When Congress intervenes, animals die.

Please take action today.

Thank you for all you do.


Robert Dewey, Vice President

Robert Dewey

Vice President, Government Relations & External Affairs

Defenders of Wildlife