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List of extinct animals of Australia

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Following is a complete list of Australian animal extinctions from 1788 to the present. There are 23 birds, 4 frogs, and 27 mammal species known to have become extinct since European settlement of Australia. It is worth making special mention of the three great human-introduced killer species: the European rabbit, the European Red Fox, and the domestic cat. Although many other introduced species have played a destructive role, so far these three have been far and away the most significant.

Extinctions are recorded under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999.

Several invertebrate species have also been listed as extinct by the World Conservation Union (IUCN), however this list is less exhaustive, as invertebrates are more difficult to survey and are less well studied.



[edit] Extinct Australian animals: 1788 to present

[edit] Birds

Species  ↓ Common Name  ↓ Location(s)  ↓ Comments  ↓
Aplonis fusca Norfolk Starling Norfolk Island, NSW 1923. Competition from introduced European Starling, Song Thrush and Common Blackbird, clearance for agriculture.
Columba vitiensis godmanae White-throated Pigeon (Lord Howe Island), Lord Howe Pigeon Lord Howe Island  
Cyanoramphus erythrotis Red-crowned Parakeet (Macquarie Island), Macquarie Island Parakeet Macquarie Island  
Harpagornis moorei Haast's Eagle    
Cyanoramphus novaezelandiae subflavescens Red-crowned Parakeet (Lord Howe Island), Lord Howe Parakeet Lord Howe Island  
Dasyornis broadbenti litoralis Rufous Bristlebird (western), South-western Rufous Bristlebird WA  
Dromaius ater Dwarf Emu, King Island Emu TAS 1827
Dromaius baudinianus Kangaroo Island Emu Kangaroo Island 1805
Dromaius novaehollandiae diemenensis Emu (Tasmanian) TAS 1850
Drymodes superciliaris colcloughi Roper River Scrub-robin NT This subspecies maybe invalid. It is known from only 2 specimens of doubtful provenance.[1]
Gerygone insularis Lord Howe Gerygone, Lord Howe Warbler Lord Howe Island  
Hemiphaga novaeseelandiae spadicea New Zealand Pigeon (Norfolk Island race) Norfolk Island  
Lalage leucopyga leucopyga Norfolk Island Long-tailed Triller Norfolk Island  
Nestor productus Norfolk Island Kaka Norfolk Island  
Ninox novaeseelandiae albaria Southern Boobook (Lord Howe Island), Lord Howe Boobook Owl Lord Howe Island  
Ninox novaeseelandiae undulata Southern Boobook (Norfolk Island), Norfolk Island Boobook Norfolk Island 1996
Porphyrio albus White Gallinule Lord Howe Island  
Psephotus pulcherrimus Paradise Parrot NSW, QLD Date uncertain but around 1927; more recent sightings are sometimes claimed but have never been confirmed. Cause uncertain, most hypotheses centre on starvation from lack of grass seed after drought, overgrazing, more frequent fires, and introduction of prickly pear.
Rallus pectoralis clelandi Lewin's Water Rail (western) WA  
Gallirallus philippensis macquariensis Macquarie Island Rail Macquarie Island  
Rhipidura cervina Lord Howe Fantail Lord Howe Island  
Turdus poliocephalus poliocephalus Norfolk Island Thrush, Grey-headed Blackbird Norfolk Island  
Turdus poliocephalus vinitinctus Lord Howe Island Thrush Lord Howe Island  
Zosterops albogularis White-chested White-eye, Norfolk Island Silvereye Norfolk Island The IUCN considers this species endangered; it is listed as extinct under the EPBC act since it has not been officially documented for over 20 years.
Zosterops strenuus Robust White-eye Lord Howe Island Early 1920s. Predation by Rattus rattus

[edit] Amphibians

The reason for the decline and extinction of these frog species is unclear, decline in frog populations is an international phenomenon.

Species  ↓ Common Name  ↓ Location(s)  ↓ Comments  ↓
Rheobatrachus silus Gastric-brooding Frog QLD Last wild specimen recorded in 1981
Rheobatrachus vitellinus Eungella Gastric-brooding Frog QLD Last wild specimen recorded in 1985
Taudactylus acutirostris Sharp-snouted Day Frog, Sharp-snouted Torrent Frog QLD Last wild specimen recorded in 1997
Taudactylus diurnus Southern Day Frog, Mt Glorious Torrent Frog QLD Last wild specimen recorded in 1979

[edit] Reptiles

The reason for the decline and extinction of these frog species is unclear, decline in frog populations is an international phenomenon.

Species  ↓ Common Name  ↓ Location(s)  ↓ Comments  ↓
Liasis burtoni Southern Australia Python SA, QLD Last wild specimen recorded in 1981
Talalihous ater Harlequin Lizard TAS Last wild specimen recorded in 1985
Chelodina buxtoni Queensland Snakenecked Turtle SA Last wild specimen recorded in 1997
Varanus loi Norfolk Island Monitor lizard Norfolk Islands Last wild specimen recorded in 1979

[edit] Mammals

Species Common Name Location(s) Comments
Bettongia gaimardi gaimardi Eastern Bettong (mainland) NSW, QLD, SA, VIC  
Bettongia lesueur graii Boodie, Burrowing Bettong (inland) WA  
Bettongia penicillata penicillata Brush-tailed Bettong (south-east mainland) NSW, NT, SA, VIC, WA
Phascolarctos cinerus cottin Western Koala WA  
Caloprymnus campestris Desert Rat-kangaroo QLD, SA  
Chaeropus ecaudatus Pig-footed Bandicoot NSW, NT, SA, VIC, WA 1950s
Conilurus albipes White-footed Rabbit-rat NSW, QLD, SA, VIC  
Lagorchestes asomatus Central Hare-wallaby NT 1935
Lagorchestes hirsutus hirsutus Rufous Hare-wallaby (south-west mainland) NT, SA, WA  
Lagorchestes leporides Eastern Hare-wallaby NSW, QLD, SA, VIC 1890
Lagostrophus fasciatus albipilis Banded Hare-wallaby (mainland) WA  
Leporillus apicalis Lesser Stick-nest Rat NSW, NT, SA, VIC, WA 1933
Macropus eugenii eugenii Tammar Wallaby (South Australia) SA Population Rediscovered in New Zealand
Macropus greyi Toolache Wallaby SA, VIC 1932
Macrotis leucura Lesser Bilby NT, QLD, SA 1931
Notomys amplus Short-tailed Hopping-mouse NT, SA 1896
Notomys longicaudatus Long-tailed Hopping-mouse NT, SA, WA  
Notomys macrotis Big-eared Hopping-mouse WA 1843
Notomys mordax Darling Downs Hopping-mouse NSW, QLD 1846
Nyctophilus howensis Lord Howe Long-eared Bat Lord Howe Island  
Onychogalea lunata Crescent Nail-tail Wallaby SA, WA  
Perameles bougainville fasciata Western Barred Bandicoot (mainland) NSW, VIC  
Perameles eremiana Desert Bandicoot NT, SA, WA  
Potorous platyops Broad-faced Potoroo WA 1865
Pseudomys gouldii Gould's Mouse NSW, QLD, SA, VIC, WA  
Rattus macleari Maclear's Rat Christmas Island 1908
Rattus nativitatis Bulldog Rat Christmas Island
Thylacinus cynocephalus Thylacine, Tasmanian Tiger TAS 1936

[edit] Invertebrates

Several Australian Invertebrates have been listed by the World Conservation Union as having become extinct. However they are not listed as extinct under Australian legislation.

Species  ↓ Common Name  ↓ Location(s)  ↓ Comments  ↓
Hypolimnus pedderensis Lake Pedder Earthworm TAS Probably extinct in 1972, confirmed in 1996
Romankenkius pedderensis Lake Pedder Planarian TAS Probably extinct in 1972, confirmed in 1986 [1]
Tornelasmias capricorni     [2]
Austrogammarus australis     Rediscovered. Status requires updating [3]
Beddomeia tumida     1996 [4]
Angrobia dulvertonensis     1996 [5]
Placostylus bivaricosus etheridgei     [6]

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[edit] References

  1. ^ Schodde R, Mason IJ (1999). The Directory of Australian Birds: Passerines. A Taxonomic and Zoogeographic Atlas of the Biodiversity of Birds in Australia and its Territories. Collingwood, Australia: CSIRO Publishing. pp. x 851 pp.. ISBN 0-643-06457-7. 

the victorianitera extinct around 10 000 bc named after the queen vicotria as she discovered some fosils