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After Washington D.C. Moves Homeless Into Upscale Apartments, The Place Turns Into Ghetto

Warner Todd Huston

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The left-wing city of Washington D.C. thought it had a great idea to give homeless people, drug addicts, and gangbangers a housing voucher paid for by the taxpayers so they could move into an upscale apartment complex. And, wouldn’t you know it, the place turned into a ghetto in short order.

The left-wing city council came up with the housing voucher plan to “help” poor people live in an upscale neighborhood. Officials just imagined that these poor people, these drug addicts, gangbangers, and homeless people would suddenly straighten up, fly right, and be oh, so thankful for this great opportunity to live in a luxurious apartment complex.

Instead, these people destroyed the place.

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The city targeted an apartment complex called Sedgwick Gardens, a 100-year-old, upscale apartment complex in Art Deco style that is on the National Register of Historic Places, and  

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Yeah, that didn’t go well.

According to the Washington Post:

The result has been a high-stakes social experiment that so far has left few of its subjects happy. Police visits to the building have nearly quadrupled since 2016. Some tenants have fled. In February, responding to complaints, the city began staffing the building with social workers at night to deal with problems that arise.

Even one of the homeless women who moved into Sedgwick Gardens says the city’s program is a massive failure:

Even some Sedgwick Gardens residents who receive public assistance say the complex was colonized by the city’s housing programs too rapidly and without sufficient oversight.

“It’s not about the voucher program. It’s not about racism. It’s about people’s conduct and behavior,” said Lorraine Starkes, 61, a formerly homeless woman who moved into Sedgwick Gardens using a voucher about two years ago.

Starkes, who is black, said some of her fellow tenants with vouchers were not properly screened by city officials before moving in. Now, she said, those residents have overwhelmed her new home and “are trying to turn it into a ghetto.”

Meanwhile, police calls have soared to Sedgwick Gardens, going from nearly zero, to almost daily occurrences.

Crime in the building has exploded. People have been attacked, drug paraphernalia and garbage is seen scattered in the halls and stairwells, theft has grown, vandalism has occurred… well, you get the picture.

In the end, the people who lived at Sedgwick Gardens have had their lives disrupted and their homes destroyed all because the liberal city council felt the need to assuage their liberal consciences, jump into social justice mode, and meddle in these people private lives.

Liberalism is nothing but a force for chaos.

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