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Trump Administration Working to Solve Refugee Problem in Africa


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The Trump administration is working to solve a crisis facing the world. New reports indicate that the administration is working to solve the refugee problem facing North Africa.

According to Town Hall:

President Donald Trump’s critics, including those in the media, delight in picturing him as a person unconcerned about human rights, and as a president totally unconcerned with the plight of those seeking freedom around the world. As often is the case in politics, the reality is quite different. The ongoing refugee problem in North Africa presents just such an example.

Hundreds of thousands of displaced refugees in North Africa’s Western Sahara region may have more reason for hope today than ever before, thanks to the Trump Administration’s concern and involvement. 


In a sense, the fact that these meetings took place at all represented significant progress because there has been no move toward solving the lingering crisis of Western Sahara, but later Mr. Köhler abruptly resigned and the impasse continues. This is bad news for the region, for the countries involved and, most of all for the people of the Western Sahara.


At this juncture, the people of the region are wiser to rely on the United States, Mr. Bolton and President Donald Trump, rather than on a United Nations promise that, without pressure from the United States and the world community, will likely never be fulfilled.

It remains unclear if the problem can be solved by the Trump administration but kudos for trying.