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Violent eruption of the Pacaya Volcano in Guatemala.

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Violent eruption of the Pacaya Volcano in Guatemala. The effusive-explosive eruption of the volcano has remained essentially unchanged at moderate levels. Eruptive fissure, opened on the southwestern flank of the volcano, generates the lava flow that continues to be active and branches off into two arms, currently about 475 m and 75 m long

. Weak strombolian-type explosions are recorded with scoria thrown at an approximate height of 100 meters above the Mackenney summit crater. A fumarolic activity is detected with small amount of ash and extending about 1 km to the south of the volcano.

The seismic instruments record internal tremor associated with explosions and lava flows and magma rising within the volcano edifice. Source: Instituto Nacional de Sismología, Vulcanología, Meteorología e Hidrología volcano activity update 2 November 2020