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Jim Stone

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There are numerous reports of heat anomalies in the Atlantic and gulf of Mexico


by Jim Stone

March 5th 2018



This morning people were reporting on social media that there were large amounts of bubbles coming out of the water in parts of the Carribean, and to back this up, This marine temperature map clearly shows that temperatures in the Carribean have rocketed upwards rapidly over the last 10 days (6 degree farenheit change) which is a lot for such a short time.


The ocean gets cold (no matter where it is) at the great depths, and it is possible volcanic activity is causing the Carribbean to heat up much faster than it normally would, and if it is volcanoes doing this, they would heat the bottom of the sea floor up disproportionately and possibly release methane from methane ice that develops at great depths. I have confirmed that the Carribbean is in fact deep enough to get cold enough for,large deposits of methane hydrate to form, so it is highly probable that undersea vocanoes are going off, and producing massive methane plumes that people are reporting on social media.


I have yet to see the MSM comment on this, but it is a story, the marine temperature map clearly shows something is up.


It is important to mention this, because increased volcanic activity across wide regions may mean a large geologic event is about to happen.


Large methane releases can impact global temperatures, but in this context, large methane releases can sink ships (brings to mind the bermuda triangle) because if there are enough bubbles displacing the water, a ship can't float on air. The stories of the ocean suddenly swallowing ships are real, and are directly related to enormous releases of gas that cause a ship to "fall under" the ocean and vanish without a distress call or trace.