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Alaska Earthquake: Tsunami Alert Cancelled Today 2018

Maria Stabile

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ST LOUIS (LALATE) – The Alaska Earthquake 2018 initially prompted a tsunami alit. But that alert has now been cancelled. The Alaska Earthquake today registered a 8.0 and is still being followed with several big aftershocks.

The Alaska Earthquake today January 23, 2018 was out in the Pacific Ocean. It was 359 miles from Anchorage and about 571 miles from Juneau. Damage assessment is pending.

Several quakes have hit the same area in the last five years. In September 2011, Alaska was struck by a massive 6.8 earthquake. The quake was of marginal depth located roughly twenty miles below the earth’s surface. In May 2012, a 4.6 magnitude Anchorage earthquake struck eight miles southwest of Anchorage. The quake was also sixteen miles northwest of Hope and eighteen miles south of Point MacKenzie.

In 2016, a 7.1 magnitude quake started 79 miles below ground level. It was 52 miles east of Old Iliamma. It was 162 miles west of Anchorage. It was 403 miles south of College as well.

USGS indicates to news that “The central Aleutian arc extends from the Andreanof Islands in the east to the Rat Islands in the west. Here, motion is characterized by westward-increasing oblique convergence and Pacific plate subduction beneath thin oceanic lithosphere.” They add “Along this portion of the arc, the Wadati-Benioff zone is well defined to depths of approximately 200 km. Despite the obliquity of convergence, active volcanism and megathrust earthquakes are also present along this margin.”

Several big quakes have hit this region historically. “The Aleutian arc is a seismically active region, evidenced by the many moderate to large earthquakes occurring each year. Since 1900, this region has hosted twelve large earthquakes (M>7.5) including the May 7, 1986 M8.0 Andreanof Islands, the June 10, 1996 M7.9 Andreanof Islands, and the November 17, 2003 M7.8 Rat Islands earthquakes. Six of these great earthquakes (M8.3 or larger) have occurred along the Aleutian arc that together have ruptured almost the entire shallow megathrust contact. The first of these major earthquakes occurred on August 17, 1906 near the island of Amchitka (M8.3) in the western Aleutian arc. However, unlike the other megathrust earthquakes along the arc, this event is thought to have been an intraplate event occurring in the shallow slab beneath the subduction zone interface. ”


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