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Adam Lanza FOUND ALIVE! Sandy Hook SHOOTER Caught in New Shooting! (Newtown HOAX Proof)

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Published on Jul 4, 2016

Adam Lanza (Sandy Hook SHOOTER) was played by a CRISIS ACTOR. After "killing himself" at Newtown CT, Adam Lanza gets caught RISEN FROM THE DEAD at another fake shooting (the "Christina Grimmie" shooting)! In this video, you'll see ADAM LANZA (supposedly dead) in his new role as "Marcus Grimmie," the brother of slain girl, Christina Grimmie (a contestant on TV show THE VOICE)!

This CRISIS ACTOR obviously played both roles (Adam Lanza, AND Marcus Grimmie) since his face is so bizarre and freakish. He's got a unique "look." It's clearly the same actor!

PHOTOS OF 'ADAM LANZA' WERE PROBABLY PHOTOS OF THIS CRISIS ACTOR (who also played "Marcus Grimmie") ALTERED IN PHOTOSHOP. Adam Lanza photos are airbrushed (nose/mouth) plus the EYES are widened (Photoshop). In other words, CRISIS ACTOR shown in video was the MODEL used to create "Adam Lanza" photos.

This discovery proves BOTH shootings were FAKE (Sandy Hook; and Christina Grimmie shooting).