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Egypt Air Update, May 21 2916 by Jim Stone

Jim Stone

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FW:  May 23, 2016

EGYPT AIR UPDATE: At 1:21 PM EDT on May 21, for the FIRST TIME IN THIS ENTIRE INCIDENT CBS News announced that "planes continued to search for debris" of Egypt Air 804, in a context that implied everyone had talked about it all along, when in fact it was NEVER mentioned by anyone at all up until that time (at least not that I saw anywhere). This is key information - the lack of any air response - for getting to the bottom of this scam.


Very late in mention "satellite telemetry" kills the "official" story dead.


Even if they "find the black boxes" now, I am not buying any of it, the satellite telemetry blows the official story into oblivion - the plane had power to both the transponder and radio, and ALSO HAD CABIN PRESSURE all through the disaster regardless of what any scamming "expert" says in defiance of all rational observation, WHY NO DISTRESS CALLS? ASK ISRAEL, they are the only nation in the area that had the tech to wipe out all communications.

The telemetry system measured everything from window temperature to smoke in the bathrooms. It also measured cabin pressure, oxygen mask deployment, and electrical failures. Yet no problems with cabin pressure or the power system show up in the telemetry, which proves on ALL POINTS the "official" story is unadulterated BULLSHIT.


Why would the plane disappear in the seconds long null time during the handoff between Egypt and Greece? Well, for psychological reasons, that's why. Everything bad happens during the mystery moments! The "Hollywood aspect" works the best for a psy op because everyone is left shaking their heads, and no one is accountable! and oh, because ISRAEL was close by (dead center of the action) and is in bed with Hollywood too!.




The satellite telemetry screws Israel BIG TIME because it proves this plane was at least rendered unable to call out via external influence all the while all systems were working that would have been needed to call out, and no matter what happened to the plane after that, Israel is indicted because Israel is the only country in the area that could make a plane go "radio silent" despite the plane having documented full cabin pressure, and make a now proven powered and on transponder AND RADIO vanish.

Here is the telemetry:







00:29Z 2200 AUTO FLT FCU 2 FAULT

00:29Z 2700 F/CTL SEC 3 FAULT  no further ACARS messages were received


Ok, so look at the time frame here - it spans 3 minutes. And NOWHERE in that 3 minutes is there the code CABIN DE-PRESSURIZATION. So that alone totally rules out any bomb or missile strike. It also rules out any possibility of the plane breaking up. But there is a LOT IT DOES SAY. It says that no matter what, the pilots had 3 minutes to radio out about any trouble. Trouble that did not destroy the airplane. If it did destroy the airplane, the cabin pressure code would have been sent. Also stuff like "oxygen mask deployment" would have been sent. And if the radio or transponder had a power outage, a message for that would have been sent. Here is the kicker (referred to next) - towards the end, the last two messages are for flight control computer failures. Now why would that be?


The zio press is hatching all kinds of stories about what these codes mean, when really everything they come up with sounds like a talking banana shoved up a monkey's behind. And I'll tell you why - because within the "official" story, they cannot state anything about these codes that makes any sense. The talking head B.S. experts are trying to use the "satellite telemetry" data to set a scenario of a plane breaking up, and sending out random trash. But they screwed up, because NO CABIN PRESSURE CODE IS IN THERE. Absent that, the plane was totally intact, and the fact any codes at all were sent means the plane was at least in good enough condition to squawk about a loss of cabin pressure if it had happened.


Let me tell you two scenarios the MSM will never state that actually make sense:


1. When the plane was electronically hijacked, the hijacking procedure generated errors. I'd give this scenario a possibility of 3 out of 10. Here is what I really think happened:


2. The pilots suddenly had the plane act up and start making turns, realized they could not call the tower, figured out they were remote hijacked, AND STARTED RIPPING WIRES OUT OF SOME OF THE AVIONICS IN THE RAW HOPE THEY'D RIP THE RIGHT ONES TO GET CONTROL BACK. Perhaps they eventually ripped the correct wires, thus necessitating a shoot down, and if that be the case, debris might be found, but we are definitely at least talking about the demise of a fully intact plane that had communications externally cut.


The smoke alarm and window sensor errors were simply generated by random wires getting ripped. Finally they started bashing avionics CPU's to death, which generated the last two errors. The plane had 7, losing two would not do anything bad. Then telemetry cut due to jamming from the hijackers. The plane was then either successfully recovered by the pilots and subsequently shot down, or the plane landed in Israel, PERIOD. That is the ONLY THING the telemetry adds up to. Lack of radio communications and a "dead" transponder despite no power loss, and full cabin pressure prove it. It can't possibly have been a bomb if there was no loss of cabin pressure, and if there was a fire, the pilots would have called out and said it, because telemetry proves they had power to the radio.


And I have a perfect explanation for the "debris" that was supposedly found so far . . . . . read on . . . .


CNN is all over the map with the lies. Now CNN is saying the plane was 180 miles out, to explain the slow emergency response. 180 miles is still within range of the most pathetic rescue helicopter. But the plane was NOT 180 miles out. This is because ALL the early reports said the plane vanished 10 minutes before it was supposed to land. An Airbus A320 cruises below 600 mph. That means, with 10 minutes left to land, it could not have been more than 100 miles away from the landing strip, which was definitely not on the ocean. UPDATE: At 1:21 PST on May 21, a search plane element was added to this story by CBS in the past tense, to plug this hole in their story. TOO LATE.

All of it adds up to:


The plane was in 1 piece with totally functioning electronics which were feeding the telemetry system with codes that prove the plane was 100 percent powered. Yet the pilots did not radio out, despite telemetry stating they had the power to do so, and the transponder was lost, despite it having power.


If either the radio or transponder lost power, it would have registered in the telemetry. There is no entry for any power outages. WHY DID BOTH GO SILENT? HELLO FLIGHT 370 Deja Vu! An electronic hijacking attempt is the ONLY possibility now.


Israel is indicted because Israel is the only country in the area that could make a plane go radio "silent" and make a now proven powered and on transponder vanish.


But you can bet Israel won't fry, in fact you can bank on that, because Jews will own the investigation, they own the media as well, and the answer will simply be what they want it to be, even if it means dead bodies and suitcases have to be planted in the water for rescuers to find.




There certainly will not be a single plane piece found that is identifiable as from this plane with certainty, and not just a removable piece that can be taken out and planted for rescuers to find, or a non descript piece that could have been from a different crash and used as a front. There will be no black boxes recovered. NOTHING like that will be found. The fact that there were no search planes or helicopters sent out early on screws them to death on this one, and alone proves there was no crash and everyone knew it. The entire search consisted of whatever merchant ships happened to be passing through the area on their way to the Suez canal. Nothing else was ever mentioned, and if such stories do come out (now that I have mentioned that particular screw up,) too late, they are already screwed. They are going with the story that the plane broke up. TELEMETRY SAYS IT DID NOT, AS PROVEN BY NO REPORTS OF OXYGEN MASK DEPLOYMENT, CABIN PRESSURE LOSS, OR POWER OUTAGES ALL THE WAY TO THE END! They totally cornered themselves now, lied themselves into a situation they can't get back, so what will they say next? Certainly not the truth!

Egypt Air: FAKE: Report of debris found including two seat cushions, a body part and luggage, and now I am going to slay the liars.


Pictures or it did not happen. And with photoshop available, I won't even believe debris photos anymore after they screwed the story line this badly, let me explain - This crash would have been an easy one to find if it was real, because it would have happened in a confined area a helicopter could get to easily. They are making it all look complicated by faking the search with boats. In a location like that, you don't use boats, you use helicopters. It is ALL FAKE. If numerous helicopters were not sent out in the first hours, it is ALL FAKE. Where are the reports of rescue helicopters being sent out, only 100 miles off shore where they could go easily?




This was the bust I held onto yesterday, to nail them when they sprung the next lie. They were talking idiotic searches on boats, when the plane went down in a known location, IN THE WATER, where there would have been a high probability of survivors well within reach of the shortest of the short range rescue helicopters from 5 different countries. This would not have even needed a long range rescue helicopter. Not sending helicopters is a dead giveaway there was no crash, because sending helicopters was the only thing that would have been done if a plane really did go down. Boats would be sent later, to pick up the big pieces.


What do you do in a real scenario with possible survivors? Send a 25 mph boat and spend 5 hours getting there and then spend 10 hours plodding along at water level looking for pieces within eyeshot at water level? NO. You send a helicopter, that can get there in 25 minutes and scan the entire area in a few more minutes. X 20 helicopters and the crash is found instantly and all survivors are pulled from the water in the FIRST HOUR. How about sending a fighter jet first, that can cover 100 miles in a few minutes to tell the helicopters right where it went down, so when they arrive 15 minutes later they go right to the crash? The story line, which only involved boats is CHILDISHLY STUPID, Giligan's island style, thank you common core, you make my job of debunking lies easy!




The three people missing from the boarding log, that dropped the passenger count from 59 to 56, (for a total of 66 aboard) are probably what this is really all about. If it was possible to find out who was deleted from the boarding log, we would probably have the answer for why this plane was really taken.

Here is another knock out bash of the official story which proves Israel has the plane:


Supposedly, a plane went down in a "terror related incident" less than 100 miles off of Israel's coast, and ISRAEL DID NOT GO OUT AND SEE WHAT WAS GOING ON? They left it all up to an idiot on a fishing boat? Come on now, they left it ALL UP TO A "CAPTAIN" ON A SMALL BOAT, when it was according to the Israeli press, a "terror incident" that happened above waters Israel un officially claims? The story line is too stupid to buy, that is why I let them hang themselves with a "debris report" because there is no conceivable way this happened at all if Israel did not go out and check on anything.

Israel did not go out and check, because ISRAEL HAS THE PLANE, why go out and check if you have the plane and know it is sitting in hangar 14?


If this was real, Israel would have sent fighter jets, reconnaissance planes, helicopters, submarines, and naval vessels because it was, after all, a "terror related incident" that happened over their own turf, and they are persnickety about terror, RIGHT?. TOO LATE FOR THAT STORY NOW, THE ZIO PRESS BLEW IT.