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The role of DEAD CORPSES (from charnel houses, etc.) in NATO/CIA manufactured regime changes' in Eastern Europe

Marek Glogoczowski

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July 19, 2014

MG -- it is a tasty “food for thought” for all these interested in details of the USrael (the CITY OF GOD - “civitas dei”) world conquest.  


As the recent catastrophe of Malaysian Boeing 777 in Novorus (the former Eastern Ukraine) is considered, I read the very questionable interview on this theme of Igor Strielkov, the military commander of Novorus brand new state,


Q: “There is a version that the civilian plane was shot by SU-27 fighter”


I.S.: “There is such an information. But until now I am not able to follow the situation in full detail. Due to this fact I had not yet pronounced my opinion.


According to people which were collecting corpses the significant number of these corpses was “not fresh” – these people have died few days earlier. For the full veracity of this information I cannot entirely confirm this information – there is necessary the confirmation of it by medical experts.


Q: (…) “The version with the plane full of dead people is intriguing, but it seems to have no sense.”


I.S.: First, surely not all people in the plane were dead prior to its crush.


The second, in the plane was found a big number of medicaments, probes of blood, serum, and other things which are not characteristic for a normal liner. It is possible that it had a special medical charge.


The third, I am not, until now, insisting on it. Simply I spoke with two men, which personally were gathering corpses immediately after the fall (both of them from Shahtersk, and they come at the place of catastrophe half an hour after it). I am quoting them. They were underlining that a great number of corpses turned to be “completely bloodless” – like the blood disappeared from them well prior to the catastrophe. They felt also the strong smell of dead corpses, which was noticed also by numerous local inhabitants – such smell in half an hour in any weather cannot appear, and the weather was cloudy, not too hot.


Fourth. I do treat with suspicion all “conspirologies”, but 18 of our fighters, which were poisoned chemically at their positions in Semanovka, the shooting of members of families of fighters and other “small pleasures of conscious patriots”, have convinced me that rulers of Ukraine are capable of all possible baseness.


Pilots, themselves were fully alive – all their cabin (the front part of a plane was preserved well) was literally filled with blood”.


To this report a commentator at “rusvesna” added: “it is a quite possible truth. In the plane were flying over 100 members of the conference on AIDS. And such items (medicaments and corpses for expertise) are normal as luggage for such conferences”. (Huge number of corpses, transported all over the planet to Sidney in Australia for a scientific conference – it looks unbelievable, MG)


It appears thus the question: wasn't the Malaysian Boeing 777 artificially loaded with corpses collected from charnel houses in Amsterdam and neighbor cities?


35 years ago I saw in Paris, transported from prosectorium, corpses for medical students exercise, and they were all pale, “bloodless” like these described by Strielkov’s informants.


At TV they showed few dozens of brand new passports, principally of Holland’s and Indonesia citizens, supposedly found in a bag at the place of catastrophe, while flames near by were not yet extinguished. Were not these passports purposefully manufactured to document the citizenship of “bloodless corpses” found at the place of catastrophe? This bag with passports was probably dropped off by one of workers of Ukrainian Extraordinary Situation team, which quickly appeared at the place of the catastrophe.


At TV they showed us only few pictures of “families” of victims gathered at the airport of Amsterdam. But during such short clip I noticed that their “pain” was slightly artificial, some made even a grimace of a kind of a smile to TV camera. These “unhappy families” were quickly taken to the airport hotel, and according to Russian TV there is no public access to them.




We know several cases, at the end of 20th century, when Secret Services of Global Pan-(Judeo) Christian State (global “civitas dei” as exalted it St. Augustine 17 centuries ago) planted in “places to be discovered” dead corpses in order to incite a major upheaval against “dictators”, and condemned for extinction nations-perpetrators of such “tremendous crimes”. The case of “plane loaded with cadavers”, which crushed near Doneck few days ago, is probably the continuation of such NATO’s Special Services SUPREME INTELLIGENCE ACTS:


MASSACRE IN TIMISOARA on December 14 1989.


I quote:


“There Robert Maass took the infamous photograph of an unknown man crying over the bodies of a mother and an infant. Although it was widely assumed otherwise at the time, it later transpired that the crying man and the dead women were not the dead infant’s parents. It was also later revealed that some bodies in the mass grave were not the direct victims of the regime — the mother died of cirrhosis, and the infant of crib death (these 19 corpses on the picture were taken from local charnel house - MG). … A few days after the massacre in Timisoara, Ceausescu gave a speech in Bucharest before one hundred thousand people, who shouted down the eccentric tyrant with the cries of “Timisoara!” and “Down with the murderers!” Ceausescu tried to escape the country …, but he was captured and executed.”


THE RACAK MASSACRE on January 15 1999.


Racak massacre


“The picture shows a gully filled with a mass of tangled bodies, with limbs of many bodies distorted.” Where from these bodies? I quote the Polish edition of Le Monde diplomatique


“The present premier Hashim Thaci was a leader of Kosovo Liberation Army (UCK). He admitted that UCK prepared this massacre in Racak putting civil dresses on killed in the battle (with Jugoslav police the previous day) members of UCK. Than they shot them (48 in total) with machine guns and throw them into a ditch, claiming that they were civilians murdered by Serbian forces…


(Later on) general Radosavljevic at the end of an interview for Vecerne Novosti (16.06.2008) confessed that two actions of Serbian police have found their place in a manual for teaching of NATO Special forces. And a surprise, one of them is Racak”


This “Racak Massacre” has lead to the Raimbouillet Agreement and following it the lasting for three months NATO “friendly bombardment” of ceasing to exist Socialist Yugoslavia. With the US Bondstill military base installed on its former national territory.


We had also the SREBRENICA MASSACRE, there are – only Serbian of course –  indices that nearly thousand corpses, frequently from very old graves near this cursed city, were dug out and loaded into coffins to commemorate this famous achievement of Western Civilization.


But let’s return to general Radosavljevic year 2008 “discovery” that the Racak massacre – with the ample propagandist use of dead corpses – has found its place in manuals of US Special Forces.




And do we have to expect the construction of a Bondstill-like US Army Camp in Donbas (only 300 km from Stalingrad) soon?


Semper in altum

Gieroj kolomojski

In Attachment: The symbol of New Ukraine Marching for the Glory of its Chosen Nation:


The picture above is a paraphrase of an older picture, of OUN-UPA victory both over communism and national-socialism, made circa 70 years ago; its recent ukr-communist adaptation is shown here:


Post Scriptum. One more association. In 2001 Ukrainians SUPPOSEDLY shot down, with S200 anti-aircraft missile, a TU 154 liner, flying from Tel Aviv to Moscow. At its board were 70 bioscientists (principally of Jewish origin) which participated in conference in Tel-Aviv on biological warfare. And now we had a similar folk of more than 100 specialists on AIDS, once again SUPPOSEDLY shot down by Ukrainian anti-aircraft missiles “Buk”.


But weren’t pieces of S200, in year 2001, loaded onto Tu 154 in Tel-Aviv together with an appropriate bomb? And on July 17 2014, wasn’t loaded, together with defrigerated human corpses, a Buk-like bomb into Malaysian Boeing 777? Some indices found on rests of the plane, suggest that it was a bomb rather than a missile, which made the plane to disintegrate.