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Chapel Hill Supposed Shootings: Looks Like Another Contrived Propaganda Violence Event

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FW:  Feb. 19, 2015

The video (below) highlights CNN’S crisis actor Anderson Cooper’s interview of a young Muslim lady (Suzanne Barakat) – supposedly a sister of one of the alleged 3 Muslims allegedly gunned down by an alleged atheist. How in all honesty and common sense are we to believe this reported event (as true) when corrupt mainstream media, CNN, is involved reporting it and a Muslim (of whose Islamic culture encourages deception – aka, “Taqiyya”) are involved. What better government crisis actors can the malevolent “powers that be” possess, than Muslims? Why not? After all, America has one in the White House cursing America at every opportunity which presents itself!

Furthermore, this reported shooting event has telltale signs of a hoax. A huge fundraiser has already gathered close to a quarter of a million dollars. The post event-immediate-interview with a family member, with no tears, is another dead give-away of a contrived propaganda hoax event.

It was an alleged (“lone-wolf domestic terrorist atheist”) who allegedly shot and killed the 3 Muslims. What will follow? Next time, a contrived event, likely featuring a “lone wolf domestic terrorist crisis acting Christian,” performing the hoax event killing? And, how come the mainstream news media is touting this apparent hoax event as a hate crime and not the past reported Fort Hood massacre event? Is it because a Muslim did the Texas dirty? And, our White House ID (forgery) fraud, aka Obama craves to favor Muslims at the expense of traditional, patriotic and Constitutional America?


The mainstream media propaganda gets old. Yet government propaganda coupled with a complicit Network media persist because they know that many American’s possess brain dead mush minds. – Pic source:

Note @ 5:00 minutes into the following video (interview with Anderson Cooper) how the young woman has all she could do to appear genuine and not to bust out laughing. Also notice starting @ the 6:00 minute mark how she goes into “over-kill overdrive” description. Witness how CNN readily provides (planned) corresponding video, accentuating the alleged sister’s over-kill description of her (supposed) dead Muslim family member, brother.

Please watch the short video and also read some of the comments that follow. It’s great to witness that some people are discriminating and do not mindlessly believe what they read, see and hear from propaganda mainstream media news.

Here’s a likely scenario: Now that the 3 Muslims are supposedly killed on American soil, they can conveniently travel (incognito) to the Middle East and join other radical warring Muslims. Or, they can move to another American city and work covertly and attempt to destroy America using the donated money from the “Syrian Refugee Fund.”

Chapel Hill Shooting Atheist Kills 3 Muslims in North Carolina? (Redsilverj) -


Editor’s note:

This Moralmatters author finds it very conspicuous that this alleged shooting should come on the heels of aka Obama’s remarks at the recent National Prayer Breakfast and the fallout criticism that followed.  He also finds that the whole aftermath of the apparent contrived propaganda / violence event reeks with “over-kill,” vis-a-vis the attempt of the crisis actors and media involved, to make it look as if all Muslims in this country are “normal (mainstream) loving and, contributing Americans.” 

Furthermore, this author thinks this contrived event, is also designed to smokescreen the reality of Islamic terrorists camps scattered throughout the United States. That’s the aka Obama style – smoke screen upon smoke screen to dupe and blind patriotic Americans from the reality of Islamic insurgence upon America]