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Seeing the America That Was Through the Art of Norman Rockwell.

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Looking at portraits of Norman Rockwell that were published in the Saturday Evening Post. Do you think if he were alive today be politically correct? The American of the day of Norman Rockwell and the USA as it is today. Even if this great artist was to rise from the dead. I think he would be sad to see how far we have fallen, But I thank God for him to remind us of a time when things were simple and wholesome

Innocent crush. Now the school will give him a condom without the parents permission teach and them things they are not ready to learn, Still the School will ask the parents if the child can take an aspirin.

  In the above photo we see.Today this could be considered sexual harassment by the feminist culture today


 Do you remember when they taught the boy scouts something before Political correctness took over. That has changed. Now they have been taken over by Homeland security to be spies for them and go after disgruntled Veterans.



                Now the post office now spies on us for Homeland security and is inefficient as is

        Children respected their elders, The old people use to be looked up to by the youth. Now they get thrown into Nursing Homes. Children no longer look after the parents. Now the Government does.

  When Healthcare was not under goverment control. It was less inexpensive and there was a real Doctor patient relationship. Now we have the goverment and insurance companies making choices doctors should make. Who needs Obamacare? I rather go back to a country Doctor making house calls who is affordable.


                           Families no longer have time at the dinner table like they used to.


                 I use to have fun on family roads trips, Now with a seat belt law, road trips are no fun because kids are strapped down and cannot see out the window they are so small. Daddy will get a big fine if the kiddies are not wearing their seat belt.


                 Public Schools at one time were the best,we lead the world. Now they are indoctrination centers. A High School Dropout is smarter to then the teacher today.A Teacher back decades ago had high standards of moral conduct who were upstanding people. Today Teachers have sex with the students and cannot teach basic reading because even with a masters degree from Yale ,they still can't read or find Texas on the Map.


         Now this woman will have CPS called on her and she will sit in a jail for child abuse.



This man will get beat up by the Police today standing up in a city council meeting speaking out in Quartzsite Arizona. Free speech still is a cherished right we must preserve.

           The Beginning of the end of racial segregation and the integration of the races.


           When police were peace officers, Today would be tazerd for even disturbing him during his lunch hour


         When girls were girls and dressed well being feminine. They never wore pants. Now they act like men and dress like men.


          This final picture is because a commenter complained I had no Asian, no Negros, no Hispanics and no native Americans because the pictures were all white people. Well I do not take a goverment grant, so I am not obligated to meet any racial quotos. To be politically correct I will post a picture of all the races. I will not take away the major contributions they gave in science, literature and on the battlefield fighting for freedom. This blogs main purpose was to show the radical shift in our culture and the loss of liberty. To show how far we have fallen as a society. This is not about race and never intended it to be. If a person has a problem because all races are not included. I say get a life and deal with it. I am part native American, my children are half Hispanic as well as Caucasian. I do not make race an issue. If you make race an issue because I have no diversity in my blog. You will get no sympathy from me.


Oct. 17, 2011