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Oct. 20, 2020

Patrick H. Bellringer:  The Lighted Realms have the ability to look into the future.  That iw=S why we are oh High Alert or a HAIR'S BREATHED AWAY FROM EVACUATION,


Oct. 18, 2020

I have been hearing for the past several days from Patrick a certain phrase that now describes the evacuation of our our planet.  He has told another reader the same message.  He has said it several times.   This morning he advised me to repeat the message so you know the situation.  The message is:  WE ARE A HAIR'S BREADTH AWAY FROM EVACUATION.


Oct. 16-17, 2020

Sananda:  We are still on REAd ALERT, [HIGH ALERT]

Oct. 15, 2020

Sananda said to be patient, as we have not forgotten my flock and those you desire to be aboard.  RED ALERT.



Oct. 14, 2020

Patrick told me that the winds would increase prior to evacuation of Planet Earth. Because of the threat of nuclear war, which is forbidden by the Lighted Realms, the evacuation of Mother Earth is definitely planned and is very imminent.



Oct. 13 2020

Please read the Message from Anne Bellringer as well as these four rmesages:




Oct. 12, 2020

You are encouraged to read the top article today entitled:  MESSAGE FROM ANNE BELLRINGER TO  THE WORLD.  It is most important at this time.  Thank you!  .....Anne

ALSO:  PLEASE LISTEN THE THE RECENT DUTCHSINSE VIDEO LISTED ON THE HOMEPAGE..There is a vast increase of seismic events, especially in the US.

Oct. 10,2020

Patrick spoke to me this morning about the letter I wrote to a Fourwinds reader and posted it yesterday.\, Oct. 8, 2020.  He thought it was an excellent review and to leave it up over the week-end.  So I shall.

Oct. 9, 2020

I want to share a letter I wrote to a Fourwinds reader.   This person was asking a few questions.   Here is the letter.


FROM:  Anne Bellringer


DATE:  10-9-20


Dear :

Thank you for your letter and questions. Patrick was a master at answering people's questions.  We talked

many times about the exact things you are asking.  I shall ask Patrick's guidance in answering your questions.

Sananda spoke of the Father.  He was not talking about the father that brought him to Earth Shan.  That father was Arch Angel Gabriel.  Sananda meant Creator Source who is above all Creators of the entire universes.  Above all is Creation.  Sananda makes this very clear.  He, also, through the native American called him Grandfather.

As you probably know, there are uncountable universes within our Milky Way.  There are 179 billion life-supporting planets like Earth Shan in our Milky Way,  which is one of the 7 super universes really called Orvanton.  Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn is the Creator of our Universe, called Nebadon.  He is Creator God ATON (the H and the N are silent in Hatonn). He, like us, lived 66,000 lifestreams and grew in his soul growth to become Creator God Aton of our Universe.  He squeezed himself into 4D so he could communicate with the people of Earth Shan.  He commands the Phoenix Starship which is three times larger than Earth Shan and is located outside of our Universe or his ship would disrupt our tiny solar system. He was able to by radio signal communicate the Journals to Doris Ekkker .  She typed what she heard.  The Phoenix Journals were NOT channeled.  Never in the Phoenix Journals was he called Christ Michael.   That name came from C.F.

You understand the oneness means that those enlightened people are one in spirit with Creator Source. Our main goal in the end is to be one with Creator Source.   The Phoenix Journals were brought to us to help us see the real Truth, for our history and everything has been twisted, amended and re-written to the point that Hatonn calls the Bible the War Book of Satan.  The God of the Bible they say is Creator God.  They left one word off....Creator God Satan. 

We are not judged by Creator God when we die.  We judge ourselves against how well we lived The Laws of God and Creation given to us in Journal 27.  No one is perfect, but we are to live the Laws of God and Creation the best we can.

I hope this clears us some of your questions. Hatonn says in the Journals that all souled beings here on Shan now are returned Masters, coming back to help Mother Earth transcend into 5th Dimension and most importantly to gain soul growth.  Each souled being has a Mission to accomplish and has set "alarm clocks" to wake them up, as they had to come without memory to this most dark and evil planet, the jail planet of Satan.  If they don't wake up they have a handicap of 350,000  more years of lifestreams to live before they come back to where they are at this present time

Patrick is aboard the Phoenix Starship and is working with Hatonn and Sananda.  He is in charge of a  Sector of Earth Shan.  Both my son and I saw Gabriel's ship, The Star of Bethlehem, in the sky telling us that they have come to pick up Patrick.   He has been seen and communicates with some of Fourwinds readers.  Remember, being here on Earth Shan is like being on a Holodeck, learning our lessons.  The real life is in the Lighted Realms.

                            In Love and Light,

                           Anne Bellringer


Oct. 8, 2020

The heat is on the Deep State.  Red October is proceeding as planned.  Much declassification is occuring.  Patrick confirms this with me and other readers of Fourwinds.  Hopefully, we will see some funding to the people by the end of October.


Oct, 7, 2020 

According to the news, Trump is "back in the saddle".  His physician said he has no Coronavirus symtoms.  He is brilliant and 15 steps above the Deep State.  It is often said that he is playing 3D chess and the Darkside is playing checkers.  Nothing can stop what is happening. 

As Ashtar says in Journal 5:


"I do not function alone, dear ones, I have the Hosts of heaven at my call.  Germain, Michael, I cannot name them all. Yours is a blessed land--and I mean your country. It is distressed and possessed, but it is blessed and shall be tended with loving, nurturing care through its tribulation for from it is destined to come the new. What a blessed, blessed gift."  .....Ashtar

Oct. 6, 2020

All seems "quiet on the western front"  By that I mean what is going on with RED OCTROBER is not done in the open for all to see or the l fake media spewing out their lies and garbage.  Trump is accomplishing things quietly, so as to not make peole afraid, but the job isbeing done.  One site has the hints as to what is really happening.  

We shall be on the gold system. Patrick has verified this to me and to other Fourwinds readers.  Keep your hopes up, for Trump is protected by the Lighted Realms.  If he were not, he would have been dead a lonng time ago with over 50 attempts on his life.

Oct, 5, 2020

This may sound wierd, but I heard a message that was repeated for 4 hours straight.  I heard it from an open window,and listened to this message from outside two nights ago.  It went like this:  "THIS IS A NATIONAL EMERGENCY BROADCAST.  THIS IS A TEST" This phrase was repeated over and over.   It sounded distant and it was a womane's voice.  Maybe this is a warning to us as RED OCTOBER proceeds we may have such a warning on our cell phone.  Stay tuned.   .....Anne

Oct. 3, 2020

I will give you what Patrick said about President Trump and Melania getting COVID-19.   He said, "Yes, they have the disease.  They will use the  Hydrocloaquine and and be well."  But further, he told me this was all planned and that as the RED OCTOBER is being implemented, his life would be in grave danger and attempts to kiill him would increase.  By having to be in quarantine with COVID-19,, he and Melania are completely protected.  Who wans to get sick?  What a plan, Patrick told me.  I verified what I had heard with one of our readers who heard the same thing.  I told this person, am I nuts?  Patrick replied to this person, and said to tell me "No, Anne, you are not nuts!  What you heard from me is true.  Watch the genius at play and watch what happends this month.,  The gold system will come in this month"

Oct. 2, 2020

Accordig tto the x22 Report  on today's postin, RED OCTOBER has begun.  Things are happeneing.  My questioh is:  Will there be any ore debates now that Trump and his wife have tested postive for the COVID-19? I have not heard.

Oct. 1, 2020

Today is October 1st!  Let us pray for President Trump, that what we have been told about RED OCTOBER will commence immediately.  Prayer is the mighty force that can overcome the Satanists, who deisre to destroy this country.  REMEMBER:  GOD WINS!


Sept .30, 2020

Patrick again spoke to one of our readers about RED OCTOBER,  Quoting from this reader:  :He said t that what you posted about the 17 things to happen in October-the gold standard was true.:

In my coversatikons with Patrick, he told me the same thing.  ...Anne

Sept. 29, 2020

Letter from J

Sept. 28k 2020

Hello precious Anne.
This early evening I was walking home with my friends dog (on leash) we walked by a place who also has a dog, but the gate is always shut so the dog can't get out.
As Kodak and I approached the house with the dog, I noticed that the gate was wide open. No sooner did I take notice of the gate being open when a dog came bolting towards me and the dog with FANGS exposed, eyes fixed on Kodak; viciously reading himself to attack my friends dog.
No sooner am I reading myself to defend myself from a dog attack, the dog stops dead in its tracks as if to hit some invisible wall preventing him from attacking us.
Right away I KNEW that the Lighted Realms intervened in stopping the dog from viciously attacking us.
No sooner did I have this thought, then Patrick came in loud and clear. Patrick said, "the Light Realms stopped this dog from attacking Kodak".
I thanked Patrick and the Lighted Realm for intervening and protecting me and my friends dog.
The latter experience reminded me of a similar intervention whereupon the Lighted Realms intervened in preventing a horrible car crash of which I was the driver.
No sooner did I have this walk down memory lane, that Patrick proceeded to tell me that the Lighted Realms did intervene on my behalf two years ago in preventing this car crash of which I was remembering.
Patrick has written repeatedly throughout his various writings about asking Sananda (Jesus) for help; Patrick says all you have to do is say, "Sananda Help" and he will be there to lend a helping hand in an instance.
This is in essence, what I did two years ago when I was driving a very heavy truck with a trailer heading down the highway. I had these second hand boots on, which were slightly to big for my feet. While traveling at a high speed I went to put on the breaks but the truck would not slow down. I kept pushing harder and harder on the breaks but still the truck would not slow down. I am screaming inside, panicking, freaking out and not understanding why the truck will not slow down. 
I was going to hit very hard---the car in front of me--when all of the sudden, the truck very softly--ever so gingerly, came to a complete stop.
The odd thing was, truck was still revving from my foot still being on the gas peddle and the break at the same time! It was impossible that this truck came to a stop because I stupidly didn't realize that my big fat (new) boot was pressing both on the gas and break peddle at the same time.
I KNEW then that the Lighted Realms intervened, they heard my distress call and they immediately acted in preventing a very bad car collision.
Patrick confirmed this inner KNOWING that I had back some two years ago, just as he confirmed this inner KNOWING that I had today. 
Patrick has said, "when you ask God for help, you are asking the Realms of Light and your Guides for assistance.  Therefore, they carry out Creator God's orders to answer our calls for help in our physical world.  It is not by magic that things happen."
It is so important to pay attention to our thoughts because God/Aton, Sananda, the Lighted Realms are constantly manifesting things for us in our 3D world, that often require us to see with our inner eyes and not just our physical sensing eyes.
What a joy it was to experience their presence today, my heart is filled with so much love for our Star Family; truly I am blessed beyond measure.
Love and Light to you precious Anne.




FROM:  Anne:

      TO:  J

DATE:  9-29-20


Dear J:

    Thanks so much for the wonderful letter and your experience.  I am glad you were not injured, or your dog.  You know you have a bubble of protection all around you, a plasma shield.  This shield is with you even as you are outside your property.  We thank the Lighted Realms and Patrick for his message to you.  Many times we have said, Sananda, help!

I will tell you of one of our experiences.  Here goes.  In our 920 square foot house is Rapid City, we had an experience we shall never get.  The windows in our house were poorly installed, letting in all the cold air.  When the weather got cold Patrick covered the windows with a plastic.  One night we looked out our bedroom window and saw an bright arch of light that circled around our property.  When the moon came up a circle of light arched over the house quite high in the sky.  The end of the arch was in our backyard.  It was not a reflection from the plastic, nor was it visible if we went outside.  Moving the plastic on the window made no difference.  This was a sign to us of our protected shield.  As long as we had the window covered we saw this shield.  We shall never forget that.

i am going to post your experience on Fourwinds today.  This is what Patrick meant about people seeing and experiencing the Lighted Realms.  It is my job to let the people know worldwide.  Isn't this fun?!!!

                            In Love and Light,