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Back Breaking News Alert from Tom Heneghan i.e. Bush Fraud & Unelectable Hillary Clinton

Tom Heneghan

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e Bush Clinton Crime Families by FBI Div. 5 stooge Marc Holeslaw.

The Administrator of the money laundering is FBI Div. #5 Robert Spence. These funds had been diverted from Denver to secret Black Accounts in both Bermuda and the Bahamas.

This all dovetails back to the Savings & Loan Deregulation fiasco, tied to Keating Five Federal Reserve Bank Dick John McCain. CITI Group also is now under inquiry i.e. the stolen U.S. Treasury Funds, the Marc Rich Pardons with homosexual in the closet Rudy Giuliani as a subject of interest.

And again folks, last but not least, UNELECTABLE Barrack Hussein Obama, has his major fundraiser, Lewis B. Susman of the Chicago Sara Lee Corp. is now tied to front running Hedge Funds through Bear Stearns and the American Turkish Counsel pre-9/11.

New York Governor Eliot Spitzer has had a bombshell dropped in his lap once again dealing with the Marc Rich Pardons.

It can now be reported that the noted Mega MOSSAD Dubai-based Zim Shipping Corp. along with Sandy Berger, Con Artist Rice, Daddy Bush and Hillary Rodenhurst-Clinton, have been fingered to a shell company named Zim Asia that smuggled nuclear triggers to Israel utilizing Pakistan, UAE, and Red China, as the route of transferring.

Financing this of course was none other than Marc Rich.

Bill Clinton i.e. Daddy Bush's Little Bitch not only pardoned Marc Rich but along with Madeline Albright sits on the Board of Directors of the noted Dubai UAE Zim Asia Corp. We see now why Sandy Berger was invited into the U.S. Government Archives by Con artist Rice. And of course we now see why Bushfraud wanted to reward the UAE with control over U.S. Ports. Remember the 9/11 UAE-Mossad cables taht were intercepted by our great ally of 200 years the Republic of France.

P.S. It can now be reported that known pedophile i.e. British PM Tony Blair, has used U.K. Justice Minister Lord Goldsmith to shut down the investigation of the Blair Cash for Honours Scandal. It is now known that Blair received laundered stolen U.S. Treasury Funds through subsidiaries tied to the Bush Clinton Crime Syndicate in the U.S.A.

P.P.S. It can now be reported that Newsweek Magazine (Specialists in Bogus Polls), along with Matt Drech Drudge and Mossad agent Mark Irwin, were fully knowledgeable of the Bush Clinton True Colors assassination teams that murdered JFK Jr. and tried to assassinate then Vice-President Gore over the skies of Chicago in 1998. This was all of course covered up by alleged independent counsel Kenneth Starr, a foreign lobbyist for the Red Chinese government.

As of this afternoon, UNELECTABLE HILLARY RODENHURST-CLINTON is in Los Angeles meeting with FBI Div. #5 Assassin TED GUNDERSON. Remember Folks, Hillary has been given Command & Control over MOSSAD Domestic Assassination teams run by FBI Div. #5 on American soil.