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You are the next target in this battle . . .

Mat Staver

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The Army was the first department we found that created a religious database on its people. Now, it is threatening to “immediately” begin discharging soldiers who have not taken the COVID shots. We have been providing invaluable research for a hearing this week to stop this abuse of our military members.

Earlier we released a list of 55 federal departments and agencies with 57 rule changes creating databases on people of faith and anyone who requests an exemption. This patchwork does not just apply to federal employees. This database can also include a dossier on some federal contractors, visitors to some federal locations and even some attendees to a government event or participants in a federal program.

But we must ask the question: Why is our government making a list of these individuals?

We need your help to stop these lists. There is a bill in Congress and an open comment period to block these databases. It’s urgent to make your voice heard now. Send your faxes to as many of our options as possible demanding they block these databases now. — Mat

While there are variations between these new rules, all of them cause deep concern about privacy and freedom violations. All will record and store religious and medical exemptions in databases.

These databases can be used to deny employment or discriminate against religious people who have applied to work in the federal government. They can be used to prevent their hire, promotion or transfer. They can be used to downgrade recommendations for a federal employee seeking work in the private sector.

And this tracking can be the basis used to fire people, like the U.S. Army just announced. The Army said these soldiers will not be eligible for separation pay and might even have to repay education and training costs! Then, when one of these soldiers applies for a federal job, the list can be used to “blacklist” the applicant from receiving any future job in the government!

The Federal Housing Finance Agency’s Office of Inspector General is tracking employees, government contractors, visitors to their building and even attendees at certain events. Other departments are recording information on former and current employees and all applicants. Some federal plans include sharing information with other government departments.

Send a clear message to Congress and these departments with your urgent faxes demanding they block these databases.

Now I want to unpack why this is happening ... These lists raise special concern in light of the attacks on people who decline these shots.

  • CNN’s Don Lemon told those who didn’t get the COVID shots, “Don’t go to the hospital then when you get sick! Don’t take up the resources from other people ... That’s how I feel. And I have no apologies.”

  • Another writer said if there are shortages, medical care should be reserved for the vaccinated, saying, “We attend to the vaccinated patient! … we should let the unvaccinated get what they deserve.”

  • The front page of Canada’s largest newspaper ran comments like, “I have no empathy left for the willfully unvaccinated. Let them die.” It even asserted that the uninjected are “people different from us.”

  • Four days ago, Reddit user Let_Anti_Vaxx_Die posted, “I hope all the unvaccinated people die painfully and scared.”

  • Even Joe Biden stated, “We are looking at a winter of severe illness and death for the unvaccinated—for themselves, their families and the hospitals they’ll soon overwhelm.”

We are experiencing an all-out war against those who decline these injections. While insults are hurled and people are dehumanized, the Biden’s administration is building a database of the people who are targeted by this hate!

What would happen if Medicare or Medicaid decided to refuse reimbursement for any care to those named in a database? Or if financial aid for education is unavailable to the children of anyone on this list? Or if there were an extra “tax” on those named, like Canada just proposed? Or if Second Amendment rights were stripped from those on the list? The existence of these databases is incredibly dangerous!

These federal databases targeting people of faith are shocking!

We must fight back. Tell Congress and these federal departments and agencies to permanently erase the databases.

The list of federal branches creating these databases is extensive.

However, there is a solution. Rep. Ralph Norman (R-SC) introduced the “Religious Freedom Over Mandates Act” (HR 6502), which has been referred to the House Committee on Energy and Commerce. This one-paragraph bill would “prohibit the use of federal funds for any system of records on religious accommodations with respect to any COVID–19 vaccination requirement.”

Congress has the authority to end these databases. It is up to you to pressure our legislators to stop these databases immediately. Send your faxes right away. These departments and members of Congress must act now.

I thank you for your prayers as we fight this invasion of privacy and threat to freedom. Your support is invaluable.

Give today through our Challenge Grant that will DOUBLE the impact through your monthly recurring gift or one-time donation.

Help us spread the word by forwarding this email to likeminded friends.

Mat Staver, Chairman

Liberty Counsel Action


P.S. Send your faxes to congressional leaders and agencies to block this database.

P.P.S. DOUBLE the impact of your donations through our Challenge Grant! Select here to equip our staff to fight this battle for free and fair medical choices.

Then sign our petition to these leaders to be delivered at critical moments in this fight against a “religious” database.


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