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Installing new memories of the past

Jon Rappoport

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Understand, kid, we’re putting memories into people. Into their minds..."
Installing new memories of the past
by Jon Rappoport
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January 12, 2047. Training School for the US Dept. of Memory. A mentor talks with a rookie.
Understand, kid, we’re putting memories into people. Into their minds.
False memories.
What else would they be? Now pay attention. This is a sophisticated operation.
Are these memories images?
Well, sure. But it’s a lot more than that. We’re inserting story lines.
Like plots in a movie?
Exactly. And when you write plot, there’s the whole issue of emphasis. What’s very important? What’s kind of important? What’s less important? Get it?
It’s subtle.
We’re talking about replacement, correct? We’re overriding what a person would remember on his own.
That’s right, kid. The person is already doing it to himself. He’s already got stories about his past. He favors some, neglects others. He invents the meaning of his past. So now, with this population-wide program, we’re doing all that for him.
Are there central themes we impose?
Sure. The victim story is very important. We install those. Different types of stories along that line. “This happened to me, so I now deserve that.” “I had a bad upbringing, so I couldn’t succeed.” “My bad past inspired me to demand A, B, and C.”
Why not just give everybody great memories so everybody is happy?
Because people won’t buy that. They’ll be suspicious. As I say, this has to be subtle. The person has to believe he’s remembering what really happened.
He’ll believe, for example, that he had a whole different set of parents?
Yes. We can make that work. Look. The whole point is to install a package of memory-stories that add up to acceptance.
Acceptance of what?
The person’s place in the scheme of things. His assigned place in society. His job, his status, his rewards or lack of rewards.
You mean, we’re engineering a master layout for the whole of society, by going into each person’s mind and reshaping his past?
Yes, kid. That’s what we’re doing. It’s revolutionary. The titans of technology have the master plan, the system, the structure of the Whole. We’re making that Whole come into being by changing what every person remembers.
That’s a tough thing to come to terms with.
Well, for starters, I’ve been through the process myself. All the rookies have. So…what I remember is false, but it seems real to me.
Don’t get too fancy, kid. You’ll drive yourself crazy. You have to develop a sense of neutrality about the whole business. What difference does it really make whether you remember X or Y? Who cares? Let’s say you were actually brought up in New York, but you remember an early life in Guam. Learn to live with it. You’re one of the elite. You have to think of yourself in that way. Yes, you’ve been reprogrammed, but it’s all for the cause. What you now remember helps you to be what you are, a programmer of memory for other people. Get it?
Society will reach its goal when everyone remembers what he’s supposed to. Does that include the titans of technology, the master planners?
It includes everybody, kid. We’ll all have new pasts.
What about history, for example? That seems tricky to me. I can remember a pandemic that happened about 25 years ago. Do you remember that?
No. I remember a war during that period.
But if you and I were just plain citizens, and we sat down and had a conversation about what happened 25 years ago, we’d have very different memories. How can…I mean, that would cause conflicts.
Yes, kid. And that’s all right. People will eventually get used to those conflicts. They’ll come to believe that people having different memories is just the way things are. That’s life. Un-programmed people already have those differences. Ask them to describe what happened when they were both standing on a street corner as a big traffic accident took place, and they’ll tell you conflicting stories. What we’re installing in minds just makes those differences more extreme. You remember a pandemic, I remember a war. So what? We shrug it off.
What’s important is the stories I tell myself, and the stories you tell yourself.
Right, kid. And THOSE stories are based on what we individually remember.
It’s becoming clearer now.
Good, kid. Hang in there. See, as a result of my re-programing, I remember two parents who were nasty and stupid. They punished me a lot. But I remember being very smart. I remember developing a sense of superiority at a young age. Those memories help me now. I can assert that superiority in my job, in my attitude toward the rest of society. And even though I KNOW those memories are programmed into me, I REMEMBER WHAT I REMEMBER, AND IT’S POWERFUL.
Wow. I get it.
I thought you would. You have what it takes. You’re going to be a good installer.
What about people who are hesitant about having memories installed?
Yes, the “anti-installers.” We’ll get to them. We already have the federal mandate ordering everybody to take the programming. Lots of people are rebelling. But as you can see, the majority are signing up and lining up. Don’t worry. Other departments are handling the hesitant ones.
Can a person break through his installation-programming? Can he stop remembering what he’s supposed to?
So far, yes. He can. We’re seeing breakthrough cases. But that just means our techniques of installation need to be improved. We’re getting there.
The initial installation-step is an injection. Is that going to stay the same?
For the moment. And there are the boosters, of course. But eventually, we’re going to develop other methods.
This is very exciting.
You bet, kid. It’s never happened before. Not in this way. We’re conducting a mass experiment. For a while, it’s going to be a bumpy ride. Buckle up. You’re on the greatest team in history.
I remember, when I was 13, a man came to our house. He was from NASA. He told my father I was a good candidate for the space program, and he praised my science projects in school. After the man left, I felt I was destined to be part of a pioneering group…
And here you are today, kid.
Right. RIGHT.
Keep this in mind, too. Our memory installation program is designated and promoted as a medical intervention. Well, what is the one area of life where most of the greatest minds are afraid to challenge the official position? The MEDICAL area. We’re on firm ground, kid. We’re launched. We’re healers…
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Jon Rappoport
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